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between heaven and hell

Everyone has their place; will you find yours?

SecretRealm; Heaven, Earth and Hell.
Earth stands in the middle while Heaven watches over. Underneath it all lurk the many realms of Hell.

This world is a mixture of light and darkness watched over by a select few. The hierarchy is kept in order by Malakai, son of the almighty God; Spirit. A being of neither light nor darkness, he governs with a strict hand. All those under him must answer to him, and all those that follow too far along the path of darkness will pay dearly for their treason.

Malakai is helped with his rule by his younger brother; Latigo, also known as "The Balance Keeper". Theres also Cree, creator of Reapers and Head Scientist.

War is brewing in many of the lands, race against race, brother against brother. All manner of creatures are coming together in a battle for domination, what will win? Light, dark, or simply peace?

Feel free to wander through the Realm of your choosing. Remember, straying too far into the path of darkness may cost you dearly. Choose wisely. It is not all black and white, both kindness and darkness can come from where you least expect it.

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