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Welcome to Scarsfaire

The city of Scarsfaire, Maine is as old as the state itself. Up until recent years, Scarsfaire has resided in relative anonymity as a "do-nothing" sort of town that people merely drove through but did not stay in for any longer than a night. However, the most recent generations of residents have brought a seemingly unprecedented amount of prosperity to the city. Nearly overnight, Scarsfaire has flourished into a bustling hub of industry, enterprise and entertainment. How did this all come to be?

Supernaturals: the city's best-kept secret.

In Scarsfaire, there is no set plot or storyline for you to adhere to. The presence of supernaturals within the city is merely a starting point for you to create your own elaborate tales.

Scarsfaire is an 18+ mature roleplay cult set in a modern-day fictional city.


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