Who Can Join: By Approval
Who Can View: Anyone

Welcome to SRPS

What is SRPS? Well it stands for Secret Role-Play Society. This cult is an exclusive personal invite only free-lance rp cult. Meaning that the only way to get into this cult is to be asked by the owner of the cult or the other members.

What do you do in this cult? Simple. You role-play. You can either create an rp and post it up to be claimed or you talk to someone about throwing two characters together and see what kind of role-play you can develop. It's all freelance so you can create whatever you want in your own personal subforum.


001. All VF rules apply.
002. This is a 18 + Cult.
003. Respect all staff and members.
004. No god-modding.
005. Invitation only.
006. Freedom of creativity.
007. No drama.
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