Who Can Join: By Approval
Who Can View: Only Members

About Cult

RolePlay is a cult for writing, creativity, and the many stories of your characters. The cult is free reign, that welcomes both realistic, and anime/cg bases. We DO NOT have a face claim, and there ARE NO applications, and NO POST REQUIREMENTS. Allowing you freedom, and for you to be creative, but we do offer vaults to store your characters. We welcome rp'ers of all kind and want you to create a world of your own. Make your own plot-line, and for the sake of having something to go off of, know that RolePlay is a galaxy, not a planet. You can state where and even when you wish your plots to begin! And no species cap! We want you to thrive and explore, while being able to relax with minimal rules.

Basic Guidelines

oo1. VF ToS apply. No exceptions.
oo2. 18+ welcomed, be warned we have mature content.
oo3. There are no point systems, char. apps, or requirements.
oo4. NO DRAMA, keep it to inboxes.
oo5. Do not God-mod without partners consent.
oo6. No FaceClaim, use who you wish.
oo7. Be as open as you wish, however we restrict any underage mature rp's. Due to this being a mature cult, we want to keep to VF's ToS and not break those guidelines. So characters 18 and up please! We greatly appreciate it.

This cult is free reign, you make the story.