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They knew so little about the world, convincing themselves that the darkness and shadows at the edge of their eyes was nothing to fear. That there was nothing lurking in memory and lore, it was all just stories. But others knew better, and they existed alongside those blinded by the very tales they created to protect themselves. Because they knew it would all fall to fire and ash more devastating than the witch hunts ever were if the humans ever learned the truth.
But thinking they were safe, that they were smarter, led to the downfall of those existing in that realm of fantasy. The preternatural beings believed they would be forever safe... until the day of Friday the Thirteenth. Then it all came crashing down, like a violent hand through a house of cards. One little slip, the sight of one shifting forms, caught by the eyes of a human. And then it began...

Hellfire, chaos and bloodshed.
By the time the smoke cleared, those who had believed themselves superior to the humans, the entirety of the supernatural races, was decimated. Those who hadn't been killed were captured, experimented on like they were less than animals, or attempted to flee for what life they could. Finally the humans took pity on these beings, knowing how to destroy them and leaving a tiny percent of the once thriving population alive. Generations of war against the beings left the humans feeling regretful for what they had done, thinking if it continued they would be risking themselves and their children to a horrible future.
And so they created Roanoke... their little bit of 'mercy' tucked away far from humans. Their mercy came with a price, caged within an old colony, injected with trackers meant to explode if they passed the boundaries of their island home. Human governments, deeming themselves 'Humanitarians' as they built new buildings, a new city, a new 'home' for the ones they had brutalized out of their wretched fear. Each day more are found, captured like beasts and shipped away to their Island Paradise. Unknowing anything about the island, unknowing it's history or horrors.

Evil stirs beneath the surface, awakened by life above. It's only a matter of time. Life might be better away from the humans... for now.
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Jace Dargunov | SoulTakerVamp
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