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Welcome to Private, a role-play cult where you can create your own worlds and do just about anything you desire. There are some rules of course, but they are less restrictive than some. So come relax, and let your wildest imaginations come true.
*This is a private role-play cult for those invited only, if you wish to join and you were not invited please inbox ShadowCheetah or night_dream.*


Sub Message

â–º Rule #01 VF Rules apply
â–º Rule #02 No Godmodding without permission
â–º Rule #03 Must be 18 +
â–º Rule #04 Inactive members will be removed and RPs deleted

How it Works

The way that Private works is quite simple. Each member is given their own subforum where their RPs will be carried out.

Each new thread is a different RP story.

*You must be 18+ to join due to mature content.*