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Who Can View: Only Members

The Wonderbolts

= 13,700 pts

Cutie Mark Crusaders

= 14,750 pts

About the Cult

Welcome to Ponyville

VF's very own my little pony cult.

Join a team, and using the magic of the elements of harmony, help your team members fight off the infamous NIGHTMARE MOON to restore balance and harmony within our world!

The highest scoring team at the end of each month win awesome prizes such as premium membership, and graphic prizes; such as icons. Join before Nightmare Moon takes over!

Hurry, time is of the essence!


Cult Rules

Please read carefully!

» Introductions first! We want to welcome everypony
» Obviously no drama - don't need it here
» Illiterate twats need not apply
» No cheating for points
» Respect is a necessity
» No random threads besides in allocated areas
» VF's ToS to be followed always

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