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Welcome to Play

Welcome to Play! We are a cult completely dedicated to games. With a friendly environment, we welcome anyone and everything to join and post with us. Although we are a games cult, we have other things to keep you busy such as a members subforum for you to post your own threads, contests, a points system, and more! We are the biggest group of POST WHORES you'll ever meet. If you enjoy watching your post count rise while being silly, then this is the cult for you!

Join us today!

Cult Guidelines

oo1 Follow all VampireFreaks Terms of Service.
oo2 Post in the Introductions thread before all else.
oo3 Respect every member equally, regardless of position.
oo4 Do not spam, troll, start drama, etc.
oo5 Be mindful of the individual rules for certain games.
oo6 Do not try and cheat to earn points for rewards.
oo7 Lastly, and most important of all, have fun!


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