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Created on: June 05, 2009
[7/10] - New Layout
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We Don't Turn Heads.
We Break Necks.

When We Brag,
We Back It Up.

This Cult Is For The...



o All VF rules apply
o Fakes aren't what were about
o Be active!
o Introduce yourself first in the introduction thread.
o Be respectful to everyone in this cult
Contests' List

Advertising Something
Advertising This Cult
Advertise Yourself

Best "Free Hugs" sign
Best "Fuck You"
Best "Gasp!" photo
Best "Grr" Face
Best "Hot Teacher" look
Best “I Love You” sign
Best "Just Woke Up"
Best “Naughty Librarian” look
Best "Oops" face
Best “Rawr” face
Best “Secret Agent” Pose
Best “Through glass”
Best above shot
Best Accessory
Best Air Instrument
Best Air Shot
Best Angle
Best Animated photo edit
Best Arm warmers
Best Art Project: Mixed Media
Best As Fictional Character
Best At Famous Landmark
Best Attitude Pose
Best Autumn Photo
Best Background (in pic)
Best Bandana
Best Band T-shirt
Best Bathroom Shot
Best Beach Shot
Best Beanie
Best Before & After
Best Belt
Best best friend picture
Best Birthday Photo
Best Bitch
Best Blonde Stereotype
Best Blowing Bubbles
Best blowing bubble with gum
Best Body
Best Boobs
Best Boots
Best Boredom Pic
Best Bracelet
Best candid shot
Best Candy picture
Best Captioned
Best Caught Off Guard
Best Cartoon
Best Celeb Look-a-like
Best Cemetery picture
Best Censored Photo
Best childhood picture
Best Choker
Best Christmas Tree
Best Cleavage
Best Close-Up
Best Collage (of your pics)
Best Concert Shot
Best Couple in Costume
Best Crying Pic
Best Cult Banner
Best Cult Layout
Best Cult Salute
Best Cult Sign
Best Daydreaming
Best Dead
Best Deck of cards
Best Decorated Clothing Item
Best Desktop computer
Best Doing housework
Best Door
Best Dress
Best Dressed
Best Dressed Pet
Best Drunk picture
Best Earrings
Best Eating Photo
Best Edited Picture
Best Edit with another cult member
Best Edit with another VF user
Best Edited Of Owner
Best Eyeliner
Best Fairy Pose
Best Family Picture
Best Finished Drawing
Best Fishy Face
Best Food Fun Picture
Best Formal Photo
Best Gangster Pose
Best Girl As A Guy
Best Glasses
Best Gloves (No Arm Warmers)
Best Gothic Make-Up
Best Graduation Photo
Best Graveyard Picture
Best Ground-level Shot
Best group picture
Best Group Picture in Costumes
Best Guitar
Best Guy as a Girl
Best Hair Down
Best Hair Extensions
Best Hair Falls
Best Hair (long)
Best Hair (short)
Best Hair Up
Best Half Face
Best Hand Heart
Best Hands
Best Handstand
Best Handwriting
Best Hat
Best Head Wear
Best Homicidal
Best In Bathrobe
Best In Bed
Best Indoor Picture
Best In Nature
Best Insect Impression
Best In Water
Best Innocently Guilty
Best Instrument
Best Intelligent look
Best Jack-o-lantern
Best Joke
Best Jumping Picture
Best Kegstand
Best Lamp
Best Laptop
Best Laughing Picture
Best Leggings
Best Leg Warmers
Best Lights on you
Best Lipstick
Best Look-alike (in cult)
Best Looking Ex
Best Looking Meal
Best Lollipop
Best Lunch
Best Makeup
Best Makeup (Design)
Best Messed up Hair
Best Mirror Photo
Best Model Pose
Best Morning Picture
Best Movie Poster
Best Mug
Best Music Collection
Best Nails
Best Naughty Photo
Best Necklace
Best Negative Photo
Best New Year Party
Best Night-time
Best Ninja impression
Best No Makeup
Best Nose
Best Of a Tree
Best Of Band On Stage
Best Of Friends
Best Of the Sky
Best Outfit
Best Out Of Focus
Best Overall Make-Up
Best Overhead
Best Owner look-alike
Best Pants
Best Party Photo
Best Peace Sign
Best Pet Christmas Picture
Best Photo edit of any staff member
Best Photoshopped Photo
Best Picture with Someone Famous
Best Piercing(s)
Best Pillow
Best Pirate impression
Best Playing Guitar Hero
Best Playing Nintendo DS
Best Playing Rock Band
Best Plate
Best Platform Shoes
Best Poem
Best Pose
Best Poster
Best Princess Impression
Best Professional photo
Best Profile
Best Prom/Dance Picture
Best Purse
Best Rainbow
Best Random Photo
Best Recipe
Best Rock Fingers
Best Rock On
Best Rock Star Picture
Best Room
Best Running Picture
Best Scary Picture
Best School Photo
Best School Uniform
Best Screaming
Best Self-Made Clothing Item
Best Shadow
Best Shirt
Best Shirt Saying
Best Shocked Face
Best Short Hair
Best Sideways Picture
Best Sign For Any Member
Best Sign For Owner
Best Sign For Staff Member
Best Singing Into A Hairbrush
Best Singing Pose
Best Sketch (Unfinished Piece)
Best Skirt
Best Sleeping
Best Slip-Ons
Best Smile
Best Sneakers (No Converse)
Best Snowman/woman
Best Socks
Best Sports Picture
Best Spring Photo
Best Staff look-alike
Best Sticking Tongue Out
Best Stupid Face
Best Suicidal
Best Summer Photo
Best Sunglasses
Best Superhero Pose
Best Superstar Look
Best Synthetic Hair
Best Taken At a Concert
Best Taken at School
Best Taken At Work
Best Taken In a Store
Best Taken On Vacation
Best Tan
Best Tattoo
Best Thought Bubble
Best Thoughtful
Best Thumbs Up
Best Tie
Best Tights
Best Tongue
Best Top
Best Trying to fly
Best Uh-oh!
Best Upside Down
Best Username
Best Vacation Picture
Best Vampire-Like
Best VF Salute
Best Web Cam Photo
Best Wearing a cape
Best Winter photo
Best With A Barbie Doll
Best With A Book
Best With A Chair
Best With A Drink
Best With A Flower
Best With A Friend
Best With A Fruit
Best With A Musical Instrument
Best With An Action Figure
Best With An Alcoholic Beverage
Best With An Animal
Best With An Odd Object
Best With A Pet
Best With A Phone
Best With A Present
Best With A Rose
Best With A Street sign
Best With A Stuffed Animal
Best With A Toothbrush
Best With A Tree
Best With A Vegetable
Best With A Video Game
Best With Balloon(s)
Best With Bow In Hair
Best With Candy
Best With Car
Best With Cat
Best With Clown
Best With Concert Tickets
Best With Condom(s)
Best With Drink
Best With Fast Food
Best With Food
Best With Friend
Best With Makeup
Best Without Makeup
Best With Paper Bag
Best With Phone
Best With Pills
Best With Santa
Best With Snow
Best With Soda Can
Best With Stapler
Best With Toothbrush
Best With Video Game
Best With Water
Best With Weapon
Best With Wind Blowing
Best With Writing On It
Best Woods Shot
Best Work Of Art

Cheekiest grin
Color - Most Colorful Photo [edit]
Color - Most Colorful Photo [no edit]
Color Theme - Black [edit]
Color Theme - Black [no edit]
Color Theme - Black & White [edit]
Color Theme - Black & White [no edit]
Color Theme - Blue [edit]
Color Theme - Blue [no edit]
Color Theme - Brown [edit]
Color Theme - Brown [no edit]
Color Theme - Green [edit]
Color Theme - Green [no edit]
Color Theme - Orange [edit]
Color Theme - Orange [no edit]
Color Theme - Pink [edit]
Color Theme - Pink [no edit]
Color Theme - Purple [edit]
Color Theme - Purple [no edit]
Color Theme - Rainbow [edit]
Color Theme - Rainbow [no edit]
Color Theme - Red [edit]
Color Theme - Red [no edit]
Color Theme - White [edit]
Color Theme - White [no edit]
Color Theme - Yellow [edit]
Color Theme - Yellow [no edit]
Coolest 3D Art
Coolest Action
Coolest Angle
Coolest Animation
Coolest Backpack
Coolest Bag
Coolest Bandanna
Coolest Band Shirt
Coolest Banner
Coolest Bedroom
Coolest Bedsheets
Coolest Below Shot
Coolest Belt
Coolest Boots
Coolest Bra
Coolest Bracelet
Coolest Car
Coolest Cell Phone
Coolest Clock
Coolest Colored hair
Coolest Converse
Coolest Desktop
Coolest Family Member
Coolest Grandparents
Coolest Hair Color
Coolest Hair-Do
Coolest Head Banging
Coolest Hoodie (No Jackets)
Coolest Jacket (No Hoodies)
Coolest Lips
Coolest Lunch Box
Coolest Movie Shirt
Coolest Music Player
Coolest Nail Polish
Coolest Necklace
Coolest Outside Photo
Coolest Pants
Coolest Pet
Coolest Picture Taken At Cemetery
Coolest Ring
Coolest Rock Pose
Coolest Room
Coolest Sepia
Coolest Shirt Saying
Coolest Shoes
Coolest Stockings
Coolest Tattoo
Coolest Tights
Coolest Toy
Coolest T-Shirt
Coolest Underwear
Coolest Waterfall
Craziest Concert Shot
Craziest Contortion
Creepiest Demonic Picture
Creepiest Edit
Craziest Friends
Craziest Hair
Craziest Outfit
Craziest Pose
Creepiest Photo
Creepiest Zombie Picture
Cutest Accessories
Cutest Baby Picture
Cutest Best Friend
Cutest Boxers
Cutest Bra
Cutest Cat
Cutest Couple
Cutest Cuddle
Cutest Dog
Cutest Expression
Cutest Face Pulling
Cutest Family Member
Cutest Gay Couple
Cutest Hair Accessories
Cutest High Heels
Cutest Holding Hands
Cutest Hug
Cutest In PJs
Cutest Member
Cutest Nose
Cutest Pajamas
Cutest Pet
Cutest Pickup Line
Cutest Sad Face
Cutest Shirt
Cutest Shoes
Cutest Sibling
Cutest Slippers
Cutest Smile
Cutest Sticking Out Tongue Picture
Cutest Straight Couple
Cutest Stuffed Animal
Cutest Swimsuit
Cutest Tights
Cutest Undies
Cutest With a Bow

Emotion – Anger
Emotion - Bored
Emotion - Confused
Emotion – Crazy
Emotion – Happy
Emotion – Sad
Emotion - Scared
Emotion – Seductive
Emotion – Serious
Emotion – Shy
Emotion - Silly
Emotion – Surprised

Funniest Couple Photo
Funniest Drunk Photo
Funniest Face
Funniest Hair
Funniest Joke
Funniest Morning Picture
Funniest Outfit
Funniest Party Picture
Funniest Pet
Funniest Photo
Funniest Pick Up Line
Funniest Pose
Funniest Sneezing
Funniest Socks
Funniest Sour Face
Funniest T-Shirt
Funniest With Friends

Holiday Photo – Christmas
-Best Pet Xmas picture
-Best Xmas tree
-Best Gingerbread House
-Best Xmas stocking
-Best Xmas decorations
-Best Xmas Cookies
-Best With Santa
-Worst Wrapped Present
-Best "Merry Christmas" PERFECTIONxDOLLS sign
-Most Awesome Christmas Present
Holiday Photo – Easter
-Best "Happy Easter" PERFECTIONxDOLLS sign
-Best Pet Easter photo
-Best Easter Egg
-Best With Easter Bunny
-Best Easter decorations
Holiday Photo – Halloween
-Best happy Halloween sign for PERFECTIONxDOLLS
-Worst Costume
-Best Costume
-Funniest Costume
-Best Pet in Costume
-Best Ghostly Photo
-Best with Pumpkin (no jack-o-lanterns)
-Best Halloween Makeup
-Worst Halloween Makeup
-Best Halloween Party
-Best Halloween Decorations
-Scariest Costume
-Sexiest Costume
Holiday Photo - New Years
-Best Happy new Years Salute to PERFECTIONxDOLLS
-Best New Year's Kiss
-Best New Year's Party
-Best New Years Sign for PERFECTIONxDOLLS
Holiday Photo - St. Patrick’s Day
-Best as leprechaun
Holiday Photo – Thanksgiving
-Best Turkey Photo
-Best Family Dinner
-Best Cornucopia
-Best Thanksgiving Decorations
Holiday Photo - Valentine’s Day
-Best Anti-V-day sign
-Best Hand-drawn heart
-Best V-Day Decorations
-Best V-Day Card
-Most Romantic Dinner
Hottest Boyfriend
Hottest Boy Member
Hottest Blonde Member
Hottest Brother
Hottest Brunette Member
Hottest Clothing
Hottest Dad
Hottest Ex
Hottest Female
Hottest Female Friend
Hottest Female Member
Hottest Girlfriend
Hottest Girl Member
Hottest Hair
Hottest Lips
Hottest Male
Hottest Male Friend
Hottest Male Member
Hottest Mom
Hottest Outfit
Hottest Person You've Seen on VF
Hottest Underwear
Hottest Sister
Hottest With Syringe

Loveliest Female Friend
Loveliest Male Friend
Loveliest Plant/Flower

Messiest Bedroom
Most Angelic
Most Angelic Edit
Most Attractive Female
Most Attractive Male
Most Artistic Photo
Most Awesome Hoodie (No Jackets)
Most Awesome Jacket (No Hoodies)
Most Childish Pose
Most Colorful Hair
Most Colorful Outfit
Most Colorful Piece Of Clothing
Most Comfortable Outfit
Most Competitive Looking
Most Creative Picture
Most Creative Collage Of The Staff
Most Creative Cult Advertisement
Most Creative Makeup
Most Creative Mirror Shot
Most Creative Reflection Shot
Most Elegant
Most Embarrassing Photo
Most Evil Expression
Most Fabulous Eyebrows
Most Fantasy Like
Most Hardcore Picture
Most Innocent Expression
Most Insane
Most Mature Looking
Most Mysterious
Most Original Photo
Most Original Quote
Most Random Object
Most Random Picture
Most Ridiculous Face
Most Romantic Picture
Most Romantic Picture Edit
Most Scared Face
Most Unique Wardrobe Most Unique Shoes

Nerdiest Picture
Nicest House
Nicest Lips
Nicest Necklace
Nicest Smile

Prettiest Black Hair
Prettiest Blonde Hair
Prettiest Bra
Prettiest Bracelet
Prettiest Brown Hair
Prettiest Colorful Picture
Prettiest Corset
Prettiest Edit
Prettiest Eyes
Prettiest Garden
Prettiest Outfit
Prettiest Redhead
Prettiest Scenery
Prettiest Shirt
Prettiest Smile
Prettiest Sunset
Prettiest Sunrise

Season: Fall
Season: Spring
Season: Summer
Season: Winter
Seven Deadly Sins – Envy
Seven Deadly Sins – Envy [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony
Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins – Greed
Seven Deadly Sins – Greed [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins - Lust
Seven Deadly Sins - Lust [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins - Pride
Seven Deadly Sins - Pride [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth
Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth [Edit]
Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath
Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath [Edit]
Sexiest Ass
Sexiest Handcuffs
Sexiest Legs
Sexiest Picture
Sexiest Pose
Silliest Face
Silliest Hat
Silliest Picture
Silliest School Picture
Sleaziest Pickup Line
Strangest Expression
Style - Artsy
Style - Biker
Style - Emo
Style - Girly Girl
Style - Glam
Style - Gothic
Style - Hip-Hop
Style - Hippie
Style - Jock
Style - Nerdy
Style - Preppy
Style - Punk
Style - Skater
Style - Slutty
Sweetest Car
Sweetest Kiss

Tackiest Outfit
Tightest Clothing

Ugliest Ex

Weirdest Family Photo
Weirdest Hair Style
Weirdest Outfit
Weirdest Photo
Weirdest Pose
Worst Drunk Photo
Worst Handwriting
Worst Injury
Worst Make-Up
Worst Morning Picture


Yummiest Candy Picture

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