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Created on: May 28, 2011
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Yes, a contest cult. We won't lie and try and act like we're different than others. In all reality, we probably aren't. We hold 8 contests each week along with a daily contest. We have various game, discussions, hot-or-not threads, etc. There are always things to do around the cult. Occasionally, you may have the chance to win premium memberships like we've given in the past. We have welcoming, helpful staff and very friendly members. Sure, we may not be different. But, go ahead - join and give us a chance.
  • Post in the intro thread first!
  • All VF rules apply.
  • What staff says goes
  • Be kind to other members
  • Remain active.
  • Follow all contest rules.
  • You must be verified to enter contests.
  • The verified thread must be updated first.
  • Post only 1 picture when entering.
  • Collages don't count, unless specified.
  • Do not converse in the contest threads.
  • Don't overly edit the photos used.
  • Do not stretch the page, resize your photo.
  • You must be in the photo, unless specified.
  • Once a photo wins, it can't be used again.
  • Contests stay open for 1 week or 20 entries.
  • If a contest ends in a tie, posts are counted.
  • Don't only participate in contests.

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