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Created on: April 10, 2011
"That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful"
-Edgar Allan Poe
Everything has beauty in some way or another, but not everyone is blessed with beauty on the inside as well as the exterior. This cult admires those who share those qualities and privileges them. Very few hold the keys to true beauty and those who do, gather here.

No we are not actually stuck up and vain. We have confidence. We believe that confidence is one of the key ingredients to being a beautiful person. PV holds some of the most stunning members of vf, inside and out. We’re beautiful, smart and we stand out. We’ve all become very close, and pull new members in to make a little online family! So don’t worry, once you’re a member, you’ll never be left out. We do not claim to be "elite" nor require that you have professional photos. All we ask is that you be yourself and let that beauty rein. We believe that if you are truly beautiful, than you do not need extreme photo shop and the highest quality photos to prove it. You should emanate it by simply being you.


  1. Be polite, no drama.
  2. Staff must vote on EVERY app.
  3. Must have a salute to join.
  4. What's said here, stays here.
  5. No photos in app = auto-rejection.
  6. 2 no's = rejected.
    4+ yes' = accepted.
  7. Once accepted you'll be made a moderator.


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