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Welcome to Ouran High School. Here At Ouran, we are teaching our students to excel in academics so one day they can be as successful as their elders. Students who are enrolled here are very lucky, for this school is very high rated and most students are 1st class. The school has many clubs and things to do throughout the year. So please enjoy your years here and excel as you are expected to. Thank you.


  • 1. All VF Rules Apply
  • 2. DO NOT GODMOD! Godmodding is honestly annoying and also not fair to the other person(s) you are roleplaying with.
  • 3. There is mature content, but please keep it in the Mature threads. Also, you must be 16 or older to roleplay with mature content. Something will be put in your usertitle to let us Staff know that you are 16+.
  • 4. Do not be rude to ANY of the members in this cult and keep the drama out. If there is something going on, please let one of the Staff members know.
  • Have fun! Ouran Roleplay is made for Ouran High School Host Club members to have fun roleplaying with other fans.
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