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Created on: March 10, 2010

Omega-Design has been one of the longest standing HTML and design cults on VF.

We've been around since early 2010 and we are still striving to create amazing, original, classy designs with you in mind. Our friendly staff and designers are all here to help you with any of your needs whether it be graphics, layouts, premades, or help to learn to make your own.

We don't have a point system requiring you to rack up points before requesting, but our designers do have their own requirements before you're allowed to request from them. So come on in - request away, become part of a design home family, and have fun!

Out Rules
  • Create, Share, Inspired
    That's right. Feel free to Create the threads that you want about your recently work and designs, it really doesn't matter if is a layout, graphic or photography, this is a cult where all kinds of art are welcome to Share help other members to get Inspired
  • Validation Membership
    To request a graphic or layout in a request thread you must be a valid member. Please click HERE to validated yourself.
  • Designs with YOU in mind
    That's our slogan, so our designers will work hard to give you the best designs and quality in the finish design. For this, make sure you give us the best quality photos and the most detailed request. If you don't like the finish work, tell us the reasons and we will be happy to make you another design
  • Free for All
    As you read in the description, we don't use a point system for request any from the designers, HOWEVER, the designers are free to put a price for some designs, this can be by adding some cost to them or asking for activity as a such of number of post or invitations sent

  • Working on a re-open