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Welcome to Omega


Welcome to the year 2225. It's a time of advance technology and everything to your hearts content. Everything you see before you today was only able to be achieved when some changes in the world were made. During the Trump administration a third world war was triggered, sending the world into a spiraling pit of chaos. Places were destroyed, cities were in chaos. The supernatural community came out of hiding and did their best to help control the damage, but it was to no avail. After some time, the fighting had died down and most were left in shambles and in debt. When this happened, America stepped in under new leadership and offered a way to help fix the world and everything in it. Everyone was to be joined under a democracy, a one world government. No more debt to each other, no more fighting with each other. Everyone was quick to agree and then the healing had started. While everything started out smoothly and seemed to work in all functioning pieces, over time any actual sense of government started to really fade. Laws were heavily changed and edited, things that were once illegal were no longer. Religion became somewhat faded as science really started to boom. This brought us into today's current technological advancements. The red tape that was holding everything back, was gone or ignored and the 'government' was now mostly run by the wealthy and the famous. While most of your major cities still exist, the world now only has one capital city called Omega. This city is the head of all cities, the forefront in the advancement of mankind and its wants and needs. It's a dark city, with hardly any natural light due to the amount of buildings and their height. It's known for its heavy amount of rain and smog, as well as its strong diversity in its culture. Its a melting pot of people, things, and supernatural creatures alike. Omega is also the heart of the worlds, now legal, slave trade. The trade and sell of slaves is a booming industry and helps to provide a sizable profit for those that have their fingers in it and they sell to the wealthiest of the world. Anyone can be a slave, anyone can be caught and sold for any reason at any time. People can be born into it. People can even willing throw themselves into it. Being a slave though isn't always a rewarding thing. It can be an emotional, heartbreaking experience that all may not survive. But that is the way that the world is today. Its cruel, unfair, and unforgiving. You either have the means to make it or you don't and you are barely getting by.


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