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In the late 2000's America was starting to make new advancements in technology, things were changing and quickly. Everything from cell phones, to the way advertisements worked, and how some cars were operated; in short, the things that you would read about in science fiction stories or play in science fiction games became a reality. The rest of the world was quick to follow in America's footsteps. As time progressed and cities and governments evolved, earth found itself in a new day and age where anything was possible. Supernatural creatures started to come out of hiding, life beyond the universe was discovered, travel to other planet became a norm for those that could afford it or those that joined special branches of the military. With these advancements, earth became a one world government and started its advancements out into space, joining councils, forming alliances, and creating colonies and cities in places that some people had only ever dreamed of. But with these advancements came those that were looking for places outside of government reaches and hands, a place where power and money meant more than anything.

Outside of some government charted zones are planets that are inhabited by those that don't have a want or a means for normal government or control. They are run by the wealthy, mercenaries, pirates, gangsters, the type of people where killing you wouldn't matter to them so long as they had their control and their money. One planet in particular is named Omega, this planet can essentially be considered a center hub of black market trade, crime, and just about anything most governments and alliances look down upon. Its unregulated and ruled by a council of wealthy men that people on the planet call the Masters of Omega.

Omega itself is a rather large planet, but only has one city that is named after the planet. Omega city is unbelievably massive, stretching across most of the planet. The center part of the city, or downtown Omega, is roughly the size of the United States taking it several hours to get from one end to the other, depending on how you are traveling. Its buildings are massive, stretching as far as the eye could see and then some. In some spots you can still see the sky, while in others the sky is darkened by the buildings from overgrowth. As you travel outside this part of the city, depending on which direction you travel, you will find places that aren't anything like what you would see on earth. There are vast jungles, beaches and oceans, there are slums where people have taken old parts of the city and turned into homes, and more. The city has a rich diversity of culture and species, its a melting pot of almost everything you could find in the universe. While all of this sounds nice, almost like a brochure for someplace you could vacation, Omega isn't the kind of city you usually move your family too or visit for fun. Not unless your family sought out the kind of lives that are lived here or if you were looking to branch out into more dangerous activities.

Omega's biggest import and export is the slave trade. Chances are if you aren't born here or coming here to look for a new line of work, you were brought here because you are a slave or you are going to be a slave. While this commodity is highly illegal in some parts of the universe, here and in other parts, its considered a commodity. Slaves can rage from humans, which are usually the cheapest ones, to supernatural creatures whom tend to sell for a lot more depending on the species. Among this Omega is known for its selling of weapons, jewels, and very rare usually stolen goods, its mercenaries' and private military, its food, clubs, nightlife, and its vast cultural diversity. Moving up in status in this city isn't impossible, but it is difficult, especially if you don't know the right people and if you don't have the money.

Here at Omega we are an 18+ aged roleplay cult that actually dedicated itself to stories that are more than just romantic plots and the same old thing over and over again. We keep drama to the story and out of everything else. Making a character is easy and staff are social and supportive to new and old role-players alike. There is no "in-crowd" or singling out, the only thing here we care about is fun and good story telling and character development. To join, you simply need to fill out the application so we know to check your age and to make sure you understand that this is a roleplay cult. Welcome to Omega and welcome to our small family of friends.

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