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Welcome to Omega

18+ Roleplay Cult

Omega is the kind of city you go to when you have big dreams and aspersions. Its the kind of city where, you don't have to hold yourself back and you can be anyone you want to be. But Omega is a corrupt city, a place where the people aren't always honest and money has more to do with anything. Welcome to Earth in a new day and age. A larger planet than what you know, this Earth has all the places that you see now, but more. Its biggest and most successful city is Omega. Under America's rule, Omega thrives itself off its melting pot of culture and illegal trades to keep the cash flowing. Its political standing is corrupt and so are its socialites. Its buildings are massive, stretching as far as the eye could see and then some. In some spots you can still see the sky, while in others the sky is darkened by the buildings from overgrowth. There really is no other place like it, only a few cities come close. And over the centuries, Omega has turned itself into this massive metropolis with all the futuristic amenities that you could dream of. Some say its like something straight out of Blade Runner others may call it and Eden, but only you can decide what its worth is to you.

Omega's biggest import and export is the slave trade. Chances are if you aren't born here or coming here to look for a new line of work, you were brought here because you are a slave or you are going to be a slave to the wealthy of the world. Slaves can rage from humans, which are usually the cheapest ones, to supernatural creatures whom tend to sell for a lot more depending on the species. While the trade is highly illegal, its in high demand these days and most are paid to look away and to ignore it. Among this Omega is known for its selling of weapons, jewels, and very rare usually stolen goods, its mercenaries' and private military, its food, clubs, nightlife, and its vast cultural diversity. Moving up in status in this city isn't impossible, but it is difficult, especially if you don't know the right people and if you don't have the money.

The biggest piece of Omega though, the men behind the money are known as the Émeute Club. This is an exclusive club that has high standards for entry. Firstly, being incredibly wealthy helps. Second, its best to know someone in the club, sometimes even having family as members will help your cause. While the club is considered to be a rumor, almost like it doesn't exists, it has a notorious reputation for its disgusting use of money and the fact that its a male only member base. If you were to ask a member if they are one or if the club is real, they may tell you that you shouldn't put too much stock in rumors or that if you have to ask to join them, then you aren't really what they are looking for. The secrecy for the members is because of the activities they are involved in, weather its corrupt politics, the black market, or dealing copious amounts of drugs, everyone has a reason to keep it to themselves. These men are the driving force behind Omega and are not people to be reckoned with.

So what do you do with this information? Do you throw yourself to the wolves and see what happens? Welcome to Omega the city of opportunity and dark deeds.

Here at Omega we are an 18+ aged roleplay cult that actually dedicated itself to stories that are more than just romantic plots and the same old thing over and over again. We keep drama to the story and out of everything else. Making a character is easy and staff are social and supportive to new and old role-players alike. There is no "in-crowd" or singling out, the only thing here we care about is fun and good story telling and character development. To join, you simply need to fill out the application so we know to check your age and to make sure you understand that this is a roleplay cult. Welcome to Omega and welcome to our small family of friends.

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