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The era in which the belief of the Gods of Greece were dwindling down, Most of the gods feared their own destruction. How would they survive such a fate, their powers gone, lost to the void that not even themselves knew. While some still have loyal followers, many of the Olympians did not. Some did could not fathom the overall idea of losing their grace from their thrones.

It was Triton, Son of Poseidon, who wanted to make a stand. Much like his own father's vision of the mortals fearing them, Zeus cared for the creatures he had watched for many centuries, creatures who have birthed demi-gods much to many gods dismay, to never have contact with their children. The two opposing forces continued through the years, fighting constantly on what to do with their cursed creatures below as the world change over the thousand year war. The Gods had grown weak, many no longer could lift their heads and soon turned to stone, leaving only fairy tales behind. No more was Triton having this, he rose up from his water depths and struck at the heart of the Olympians; Zeus.

With the modern world, Many mortals and creatures through the years had still believed in the gods, giving thanks in your cultures and religions based upon the old ways. With the army that Triton called his Sirens, they gave him strength enough to take down the old God, bringing forth a new era of the Greek Gods. While many of the Olympians had joined his side, many perished to stone, even the prayers of believers could bring them back. Leaving their offspring and others to come forth to take their place, offering a new worship and way of life through their powers, given to them through Triton's Sirens. These new Olympians ruled By Triton looked upon the modern mortal realm and took it for themselves.

All manner of creatures, humans and supernatural creatures alike, were taken prisoner. Forced and forged over time to a new era of worship, Living with their beloved Gods upon the mortal realm upon the new land of Olympos. Vassals to their dominates, Slavery and use of all life became a game to them, bidding wars and all out true wars happen over those they believe will give them the most power. While it is not heard of, some Humans and beings have not yet been corralled by the Greeks, slowly forming an army to fight back, backed by remaining Gods who did not side with Triton's wrath, sheltered in their own land; Arcadia. These remaining Gods and their own replacements for those they've lost stand against the Tyrant rulers of The lands.


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