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15th June 2013
- D.Gray-Man 7 Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- [Journal] D.Gray-Man Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
12th June 2013
- Within Temptation Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
5th June 2013
- [Journal] Invader Zim Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
- [Journal] Riot Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
4th May 2013
- Batman [Bane] Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Batman [Bane] Layout 2 Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Alice in Wonderland Layout 1 Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Alice in Wonderland Layout 2 Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Alice in Wonderland [Cheshire Cat] Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Frankenweenie Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
- Loki Layout Up. (CountessPuppy)
29th May 2013
- Vampire Diaries [Rebekah] Layout Up. (foxinize)
- Vocaloid [Chibi Len & Rin] Layout Up. (foxinize)
28th May 2013
- The Gazette Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- The Gazette Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
21st May 2013
- True Blood Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
18th April 2013
- [CULT] Purple Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
15th April 2013
- Borderlands Layout Up. (citylights)
14th April 2013
- Mejibray Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Deluhi Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Mejibray Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Deluhi Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Mejibray Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Deluhi Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
10th April 2013
- Pandora Hearts Layout Up. (skysedge)
- K Project Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Doctor Who Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Doctor Who Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Supernatual Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Supernatural Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
9th April 2013
- FVK Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
- Fairy Tail Layout Up. (citylights)
8th April 2013
- Slipknot Layout Up. (skysedge)
6th April 2013
- Neon Genesis Evangelion Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Loki Layout Up. (skysedge)
4th April 2013
- Tales of Vesperia - Raven Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Tales of Vesperia - Yeager Layout Up. (skysedge)
11th March 2013
- Blue Cult Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
23rd February 2013
- Hatsune Miku Layout Submitted. (ShrapnelBunny)
- Clannad Layout Submitted. (ShrapnelBunny)
- Misc. Anime Girl Red Layout Submitted. (ShrapnelBunny)
- The Hunger Games Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Beetlejuice Layout Up. (skysedge)
6th February 2013
- Death Note (Light/Kira & L) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Death Note (L) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Junjou Romantica (Usami & Misaki) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Naruto Shippuden Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
4th February 2013
- Apocalyptica Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Gackt Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- The Gazette Division Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Hetalia Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Dir En Grey Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Amnesia Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
3rd February 2013
- Skeleton Heart Misc. Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Inuyasha: Sesshomaru Layout Up (skysedge)
- Inuyasha Layout Up (skysedge)
- Mana Layout Up. (skysedge)
- The Birthday Massacre Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Paprika Layout Up (skysedge)
- Watchmen Layout Up (skysedge)
27th January 2013
- Avenged Sevenfold Layout Up (submitted by MizzyInsanity)
- Robert Hoffman Layout Up (submitted by MizzyInsanity)
- Tangled Layout Up (submitted by MizzyInsanity)
- Kingdom Hearts Layout Up (submitted by MizzyInsanity)
- Invader Zim Layout Up (submitted by MizzyInsanity)
23rd January 2013
- Good Charlotte Layout Up (Gothikiisu)
- Laurence Beveridge Layout Up (Gothikiisu)
20th January 2013
- Harley Quinn & The Joker Layout Up (skysedge)
- Game of Thrones Layout Up (skysedge)
10th January 2013
- Silent Scream Misc. Layout Up (Gothikiisu)
- Space Invaders Layout Up (skysedge)
17th December 2012
- Voices Misc. Layout Up (skysedge)
16th December 2012
- Clockwork Jellyfish Layout Up (skysedge)
14th December 2012
- Tomb Raider Layout Up (skysedge)
13th December 2012
- Mitch Lucker Layout Up (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
11th December 2012
- Butterflies [Anchor] Layout Up (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
- Butterflies [DIV] Layout Up (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
9th December 2012
- [Cult] Red Lady Layout Up (Hellsnextboss)
25th November 2012
- Zombie Spongebob Layout Up (Gothikiisu)
22nd November 2012
- Fearless Vampire Killers Layout X2 Up (Gothikiisu)
30th October 2012
-Fox Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
29th October 2012
-Circus Layout Up. (skysedge)
22nd October 2012
-Open Book Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X)
-Fox Layout Up. (skysedge)
21st October 2012
-Sword Art Online Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
20th October 2012
-Cute Octopus Extra Page Up. (skysedge)
-Dinosaur Extra Page Up. (skysedge)
-Teacups Extra Page Up. (skysedge)
-Stockings Extra Page Up. (skysedge)
-Hatsune Miku Profile Layout (skysedge)
-iPod Black Profile Layout (skysedge)
15th October 2012
-Discworld Dragons Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
13th October 2012
-Misc. Boots Layout Up. (skysedge)
8th October 2012
-Cute Octopus Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
-The Crow Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
7th October 2012
-Cute Octopus Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
2nd October 2012
-Nurarihyon no Mago Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss & skysedge)
-Black Veil Brides Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss & skysedge)
1st October 2012
-Pandas V2.0 Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Floop! Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Ghost Raptor Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Dark Fairy Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Dark & Blue Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Erio Touwa Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Neko Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Autumn Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Kashiwazaki Sena Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Hyoki Kozue Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Butterflies Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Rick Genest Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Pandas Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Dark Knight Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Tom Felton Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Lindsay Lohan Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Louis Tomlinson Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Harry Styles Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Liam Payne Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Niall Horan Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Zayn Malik Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Tokyo Hotel Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Greenday Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Lady GaGa Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Emma Watson Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Harry Potter Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
30th September 2012
-Soul Eater Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Fifi Lapin Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Floral Birds Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-T. Mills v1.0 Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-T. Mills v2.0 Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Live For Today, We'll Dream Tomorrow Layout Up. (InsanityPrevails-x_X )
-Hetalia [Austria & Hungary] Layout 2 Up. (skysedge)
29th September 2012
-[CULT] White Apple [Customisable] Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
27th September 2012
-Teacups [Customisable] Layout Up. (skysedge)
26th September 2012
-Stockings [Customisable] Layout Up. (skysedge)
22nd September 2012
-Cute Octopus [Customisable] Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Jack Off Jill Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
21st September 2012
-The Big Bang Theory Layout Up. (cottonpie)
-Jack Sparrow Layout Up. (cottonpie)
20th September 2012
-Zombie Pin-Up Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
-Supernatural Layout Up. (Gothikiisu)
-Soul Eater Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Photoframe Journal Up. (skysedge)
-Photoframe Gallery Up. (skysedge)
8th September 2012
-Loveless Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
6th September 2012
-Loveless Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
5th September 2012
-Misc. Anime Lolita Girl Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Sherlock [BBC] Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Misc. Anime Lolita Nurse Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Misc. Anime Lolita Nurse Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Misc. Anime Caged Garden Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
3rd September 2012
-Misc. Anime Lolita Girl Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
2nd September 2012
-[CULT] Misc. Skeleton Couple Layout Up. (skysedge)
- 30 Seconds To Mars Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Skeleton Couple Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Skeleton Couple Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
1st September 2012
-Vampire Knight Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Vampire Knight Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Final Fantasy X Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Misc. Skeleton Couple Layout Up. (skysedge)
16th August 2012
-Kuroshitsuji 2 Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Fairy Cube Layout Up. (skysedge)
7th August 2012
-Misc. Anime Lolita Girl Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
6th August 2012
-League of Legends Layout Up. (skysedge)
29th July 2012
-[CULT]Skull and Mirrors Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
28th July 2012
-Queen of the Damned Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Digimon - Gatomon Layout Up. (skysedge)
24th July 2012
-Assassin's Creed Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Cup Of Love Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
23rd July 2012
-Cherry Blossom Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Skyrim Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
22nd July 2012
-Working!! Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Misc. Yuri Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Once Upon A Time Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Alice Nine Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Pandora Hearts Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Spyro Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Spice and Wolf Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Hello Kitty Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Kuroshitsuji Gallery Layout 2 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
21st July 2012
-SuG Umbilical Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Cup Of Love Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Emilie Autumn Gallery Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
20th July 2012
-Manga Butterfly Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Manga Butterfly Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Misc. Anime Maid Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Lolita Girls Storybook Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Lolita Girls Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Count Cain - Lukia Layout Up. (skysedge)
19th July 2012
-[CULT] Fantasy RP Layout Up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Fantasy Layout Up. (skysedge)
18th July 2012
-Lilo & Stitch Layout Up. (skysedge)
8th July 2012
-[CULT] Anime Blindfold Master & Slave RP Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] School RP Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Harry Potter - House Layout Set up. (skysedge)
7th July 2012
-Yu-Gi-Oh! Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Loveless Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Doll Layout 2 up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Doll Layout 3 up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[Cult] Doll Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
6th July 2012
-Catherine Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Alice In Wonderland Layout up. (skysedge)
-Soul Eater [Death the Kid/Lizzy/Patty] Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Rp cult: purple Layout up. (skysedge)
30th June 2012
-Blood On The Dance Floor Layout up. (DemonChild1227)
-Mindless Self Indulgence Layout up. (DemonChild1227)
-Steampunk Dragon Layout up. (skysedge)
21st June 2012
-Doki and Nabi Layout up. (DemonChild1227)
-Final Fantasy Dissidia Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-The Avengers Assemble Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Dreaming Misc. Layout up. (skysedge)
-Laced Misc. Layout up. (skysedge)
-Far, Far Away Misc. Layout up. (skysedge)
-Shark Misc. Layout up. (skysedge)
-Shiki / Corpse Demon Layout up. (skysedge)
20th June 2012
-Castlevania Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
18th June 2012
-Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-The Legend of Zelda Layout 2 up. (skysedge)
-Clannad Layout 2 up. (skysedge)
-Final Fantasy X Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Music note rose layout up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Sheet music layout up. (skysedge)
15th June 2012
-Lake layout up. (-1029384756-)
3rd June 2012
-Supernatural Layout up. (PrincessChaotic)
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Layout up. (skysedge)
-Neko Layout up. (skysedge)
-Tekken Layout up. (skysedge)
28th May 2012
-D=OUT Layout up. (skysedge)
26th May 2012
-[CULT] Granite Layout up. (insertXcoolXname)
22nd May 2012
-Misc. Gothic Layout up. (skysedge)
-Bokura Ga Ita Layout up. (skysedge)
21st May 2012
-Star Trek Layout up. (insertXcoolXname)
20th May 2012
-xxxHolic Layout up. (PrincessChaotic)
17th May 2012
-Another Layout up. (Eilaer)
-Another Journal Layout up. (Eilaer)
16th May 2012
-[Cult] Vampire Layout up. (skysedge)
9th May 2012
-Photoframe Layout up. (skysedge)
5th May 2012
-Metal Gear Solid Layout up. (skysedge)
-Read Dead Redemption Layout up. (skysedge)
4th May 2012
-Umineko no Naku koro ni Layout up. (skysedge)
2nd May 2012
-Falling In Reverse Layout up. (skysedge)
30th April 2012
-Kuroshitsuji (Grell & Madam Red) Journal Layout 2 up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Kuroshitsuji (Grell & Madam Red) Layout 6 up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Pita-Ten (Misha) Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Pokemon (N) Layout up. (skysedge)
-Astroboy Layout up. (skysedge)
-Supernatural Layout up. (skysedge)
-Owls Layout up. (skysedge)
-Whales Layout up. (skysedge)
29th April 2012
-Animal Crossing Layout up. (skysedge)
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Layout up. (skysedge)
-Saiyuki Layout up. (skysedge)
-Durarara!! Layout 2 up. (skysedge)
-Tales of the Abyss (Anise) Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Tales of the Abyss (Mieu) Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Vocaloid (Miku Chibi) Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
28th April 2012
-Persona 3 Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Eternal Sonata Layout up. (skysedge)
27th April 2012
-[CULT] Piano Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Deadman Wonderland Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
21st April 2012
-Gosick Layout up. (Hellsnextboss & skysedge)
20th April 2012
-Rocky Horror Picture Show Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Magic: The Gathering: Werewolves Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Avatar The Last Airbender Layout up. (skysedge)
15th April 2012
-Elfen Lied [Lucy] Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Ball-jointed doll [Ducan] Layout up. (Hellsnextboss)
14th April 2012
-Pokemon Pikachu & Togepi Layout up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Calligraphy Layout up. (skysedge)
-BDSM Roped Journal Layout up. (VictorianValkyrie)
-Sims Desk Journal Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Pink and Skulls Journal Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Underworld Layout up. (skysedge)
-Buffy The Vampire Slayer Layout up. (VictorianValkyrie)
-Rocky Horror Picture Show Layout up. (skysedge)
-James Cameron's Avatar Layout up. (skysedge)
-Ichigo Mashimaro Layout up. (VictorianValkyrie)
-Ruby Gloom Layout up. (skysedge)
-Neko Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
13th April 2012
-Magic The Gathering Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-My Little Pony Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
12th April 2012
-Doodles Sky Journal Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
11th April 2012
-Samurai Champloo Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
9th April 2012
-LM.C Layout up. (skysedge)
8th April 2012
-Suicide Silence Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Harley Quinn & the Joker Layout up. (VictorianValkyrie)
7th April 2012
-Repo: The Genetic Opera Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Doctor Who Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Doctor Who Layout 2 up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Doctor Who Layout 3 up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Soul Eater Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Pokémon Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Matt Smith Layout up. (PandaCobain-TM-)
-Clannad Layout up. (skysedge)
15th March 2012
-D.Gray-Man Layout 6 up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Pink Cupcake Layout up. (XyourXsinX)
-Pink Heels up. (XyourXsinX)
14th March 2012
-Elegant layout up. (skysedge)
-Tiger & Bunny gallery layout up. (skysedge)
-Floral gallery layout up. (skysedge)
-Floral journal layout up. (skysedge)
-Papa Roach layout up. (skysedge)
13th March 2012
-Trinity Blood Layout up. (skysedge)
-Dance In The Vampire Bund Layout up. (skysedge)
-Wolves Layout up. (XyourXsinX)
3rd March 2012
-Ergo Proxy Layout Up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Durarara!! - Izaya Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Star Wars Layout Up. (skysedge)
28th February 2012
-[CULT] Music Note Raindrop Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
20th February 2012
-[CULT] Blue Ice Layout Up. (citylights)
18th February 2012
- Godchild Layout Up. (skysedge)
17th February 2012
- Trigun Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Marilyn Manson Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Avenged Sevenfold Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Girugamesh Layout Up. (skysedge)
16th February 2012
-Emilie Autumn Journal Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
13th February 2012
-[CULT] Blue/Grey Headphones & Music Notes Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th February 2012
-Octopus Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
7th February 2012
-Paramore Layout Up. (HopelessSerenity)
5th February 2012
-Family Guy Layout Up. (HopelessSerenity)
3rd February 2012
-Pacman [Animated] Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
-Black Rock Shooter Gallery Layout Up (skysedge)
-Stargate SG-1 [Animated] Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
30th January 2012
-Harry Potter Layout Up. (XyourXsinX)
27th January 2012
-[CULT] Kuroshitsuji Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
25th January 2012
-Tetris [Animated] Layout Up. (XyourXsinX)
-My Little Pony [Fluttershy] Layout Up. (ForsakenxFallen)
24th January 2012
-Soul Eater Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Tolkien Layout Up. (ForsakenxFallen)
23rd January 2012
-[CULT] Misc. Graffiti Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Loveless Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Star Trek: The Next Generation - LCARS Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
22nd January 2012
-SR-71 Blackbird Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
-Chobits Layout Up. (Optimisticideals)
-Chobits Journal Layout Up. (Optimisticideals)
21st January 2012
-Doll Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Skyrim (Dragon of the stars) Layout Up. (Optimisticideals)
-Naruto (Uchiha Brothers) Layout Up. (Optimisticideals)
-LM.C (Maya) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
20th January 2012
-Eden of the East Layout Up. (AdonisNimbus)
16th January 2012
-Skyrim Layout Up. (Optimisticideals)
11th January 2012
-Tool Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-Once Upon a Time Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Fushigi Yuugi Layout Up. (skysedge)
10th January 2012
-Dir En Grey Journal Layout Up. (Eilaer)
-Asian Prince Misc. Journal Layout Up. (Eilaer)
-Flowers Maiden Misc. Journal Layout Up. (Eilaer)
-SuG Umbilical Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th January 2012
-[CULT] Blue Rose Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Sunset misc. anime Layout Up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Misc. Nebula Layout Up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Misc. Butterfly / Dark Layout Up (skysedge)
7th January 2012
-Okami Layout Up. (skysedge)
6th January 2012
-Corpse Bride Layout Up. (cottonpie)
-The Boondock Saints Layout Up. (cottonpie)
5th January 2012
-Sandman [Death] Layout Up. (skysedge)
4th January 2012
-Inuyasha [Inuyasha & Kagome] Layout Up. (cottonpie)
-Slipknot Layout Up. (cottonpie)
3rd January 2012
-[CULT] Misc. Black/Gray Masquerade Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Sailor Moon Layout Up. (skysedge)
2nd January 2012
-[CULT] Misc. Red/Gray/Black Masquerade Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
28th December 2011
-[CULT] Angel Beats Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Misc. Locket Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
27th December 2011
-Blindfold Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Skull Lady Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Skull Lady Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Tattoo/Bondage Journal Layout Up (skysedge)
-Tattoo/Bondage Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
26th December 2011
-Pandora Hearts Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Layout Up (skysedge)
- Ao no Exorcist Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Totoro layout up (skysedge)
- Pale Flowers / Misc. Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Pale Flowers / Misc. Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Castle / Misc. Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Castle / Misc. Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Blindfold / Misc. Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
24th December 2011
-Kuroshitsuji Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- Nightmare Before Christmas Layout Up. (skysedge)
- Doctor Who Layout Up. (skysedge)
- The Legend of Zelda Layout Up. (skysedge)
19th December 2011
-Elegant / Misc. Journal Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Elegant / Misc. Gallery Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Alice Nine Journal Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
17th December 2011
-Mawaru Penguindrum Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
14th December 2011
-Vocaloid (Duke of Venomania) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
10th December 2011
-Chobits (Chii) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th December 2011
-SID (Mao) Layout Up. (XyourXsinX)
5th December 2011
-[CULT] T.R.C. Sakura Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
29th November 2011
-[CULT] Purple & Black / Basic Layout Up. (skysedge)
26th November 2011
-[CULT] Sky whale / Misc. Anime Layout Up. (skysedge)
25th November 2011
-Durarara!! Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
- [CULT] Rainbow Whale / Misc. Anime Layout Up. (skysedge)
21st November 2011
-Mario Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
20th November 2011
-[CULT] Monochrome/Basic Layout Up. (skysedge)
19th November 2011
-Vampire Knight (Yuki & Kaname) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
18th November 2011
-[CULT] Blue/Green/Black Misc. Anime Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Steins Gate Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-[CULT] Red Misc. Anime Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (Luki/Noki) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
17th November 2011
-Vampire Knight (Kaname) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Rosario Vampire Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Fallout 3 Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Nightmare Layout Up. (skysedge)
8th November 2011
-[CULT] Blue Anime Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
5th November 2011
-How To Train Your Dragon Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
1st November 2011
-Resident Evil 5 Wesker Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
31st October 2011
-Gotham City Sirens Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Dragonball Z Piccolo Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
29th October 2011
-[CULT] Anime Purple Layout Up. (skysedge)
27th October 2011
-Pokémon [Haunter] Layout Up. (skysedge)
-[CULT] Anime Green Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Sweeney Todd Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
26th October 2011
-Pokémon [Mew/Mewtwo] Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
25th October 2011
-Final Fantasy VIII Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
-Batman Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
21st October 2011
-Adventure Time Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
20th October 2011
-Happy Tree Friends Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
15th October 2011
-Invader Zim Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-Invader Zim Layout 2 Up. (-1029384756-)
-Alice in Wonderland Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-The Nightmare before Christmas Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-Katy Perry Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-Katy Perry E.T. Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
-Hello Kitty Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
14th October 2011
-D=OUT Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
12th October 2011
-Playstation 3 Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
-As I Lay Dying Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
11th October 2011
-Mortal Kombat Layout Up. (-1029384756-)
10th October 2011
-Alice Nine Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Plants VS Zombies Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
-SuG Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Togainu No Chi Layout Up. (skysedge)
-SuG Layout 2 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Togainu No Chi Layout 2 Up. (skysedge)
-Final Fantasy XIII Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Togainu No Chi Layout 3 Up. (skysedge)
-Pandora Hearts Layout 3 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Junjou Romantica Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Kuroshitsuji Layout 5 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Junjou Romantica Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Kalafina Layout Up. (skysedge)
8th October 2011
-Versailles Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Nightmare Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Nightmare Layout 2 Up. (skysedge)
-UtaPri Layout Up. (skysedge)
-Sweet Pool Layout Up. (skysedge)
-ViViD Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-GRANRODEO Layout Up. (skysedge)
-The Gazette Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
20th September 2011
-Little Big Planet Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
13th September 2011
-World of Warcraft Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th September 2011
-Fruits Basket Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Pandora Hearts 2 Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
7th September 2011
-Pandora Hearts Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-Blood+ Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
2nd September 2011
-Final Fantasy XIII Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
-Pokémon Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
9th August 2011
-Junjou Romantica Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
20th June 2011
-Resident Evil 4 Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
6th June 2011
-Ouran Highschool Host Club Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
29th May 2011
-Dragonball Z Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
26th May 2011
-Panty with Stocking and Garterbelt Layout Up. (Eilaer)
10th May 2011
-Mortal Kombat Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
-Death Note (Light) Layout Up. (Eilaer)
9th May 2011
-Black Rock Shooter Layout Up. (Eilaer)
8th May 2011
-Final Fantasy Advent Children Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
6th May 2011
-Resident Evil 1 Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
2nd May 2011
-Vocaloid Megurine Luka Layout Up. (Eilaer)
11th March 2011
--Zelda Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
10th March 2011
--D.Gray-Man Layout 5 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th March 2011
--Kingdom Hearts Layout Up. (XyourXsinX)
8th March 2011
--Strawberry Panic Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
--Tales of Vesperia Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--Resident Evil 5 Layout Up. (TheGlamazon)
--Kuroshitsuji Layout 4 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
7th March 2011
Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki Layout Up (Miss Magenta)
Highschool of the Dead Layout Up (Miss Magenta)
24th August 2010
--Left4Dead2 Layout Up. (citylights)
24th June 2010
--Fallout 3 Layout Up. (citylights)
11th June 2010
--D.Gray-Man: Noah Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--D.Gray-Man: Exorcists Layout Up.(Hellsnextboss)
10th June 2010
--Bleach Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--No More Heroes (Sylvia) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--One Piece Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--Antic Cafe (Green) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--Antic Cafe (Pink) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
9th June 2010
--Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Layout Up. (skysedge)
4th June 2010
--Air Layout Up. (skysedge)
--VampireKnight(Zero) Layout Up. (skysedge)
3rd June 2010
--Zombie Loan Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--No More Heroes Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
--Phoenix Wright Layout 2 Up. (Hellsnextboss)
27th May 2010
--Zombieland Layout Up. (Hopeless Serenity)
26th May 2010
--Mirror's Edge layout up. (citylights)
--Silent Hill Layout Up. (Hopeless Serenity)
24th May 2010
--Phoenix Wright Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
22nd May 2010
--Halo Layout Up (citylights)
--Rouge Layout Up (Hopeless Serenity)
21st May 2010
--MW2 Layout Up. (citylights)
15th May 2010
--Bioshock Layout Up. (citylights)
--Xbox 360 Layout Up. (citylights)
--F.E.A.R2 Layout Up. (citylights)
12th May 2010
-- Kuroshitsuji (Lao, Ranmao) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-- Kuroshitsuji (Ciel, Sebastian) Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-- Kingdom Hearts 2 Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
26th April 2010
-- Vampire Knight Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
23rd April 2010
-- Fullmetal Alchemist Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)
-- xxxHolic Layout Up. (Hellsnextboss)

11th February 2016
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Welcome to NerdyDesigns, VF's only graphics cult dedicated to all things nerdy! The third largest graphics cult on VF, We specialise in anime, gaming, music, movie, comic and cartoon layouts, the cult having been created as a result of the realisation that VF had been distinctly lacking in layouts of this kind.

We currently have over 400 pre-made layouts plus graphics available for all members to use, as well as request threads if you can't find something that takes your fancy or if you want to add a personalised touch.

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