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It's a new age in the wizarding world, and only a centuries time had passed since the fall of the Dark Lord. It had only been such a small time for peace, but even within the Ministry, there was always another bad guy to catch and toss into Azkaban! Another lead on a grand case that buzzed attention in the Daily Prophet. Peace had always been a decoy, even worse when the Minister of Magic would preach that all was well, when signs were clearly appearing as they once had behind. The fall of the Dark Lord was only the beginning of the reckoning that destroyed Hogwarts and the spine of the Ministry, but they would rise, and so would an ever greater threat. For the Dark Lord had always been a title, and there were plenty of vultures ready to feed.

Loyalists, supporters, and those who pledged themselves out of fear, were scattered across both London and the Wizarding world. There would be none spared by the hands of the Death Eaters. From the disappearances of students, muggles, and head division leaders, it was clear the reign of the new Dark Lord had not gone unnoticed. Despite the familiar terror occurring as it once had, the Headmaster won his fight to keep Hogwarts open, even against the judgement of the Minister of Magic. Young witches and wizards were the hope of tomorrow, and Hogwarts would be their best chance at surviving. If a war was coming, the students would be well equipped and ready to fight back. The school would play the same role it had a century ago, standing in the gap of a great fight. The Ministry remained oblivious to the numbers that were growing in shadow, but the threat was there. You could feel it rising, and snuffing out the light as often as it could. Thus began the era of madness.

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