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Created on: November 05, 2014

The Disclaimer

This is an multi-paragraph role playing cult. If you do not know how to role play, or you cannot post more than five sentences, or even if you cannot fill out an application properly, this is not the place for you. If you do not fill out our application correctly, you will not be accepted. Thank you for your interest.

In The Present

Right now we are in the modern age which means that televisions, cars, DVD players, game consoles, phones… it all exists. The rulers of this land still hold true to the way it was in the beginning, most nobles are wolves, all Royals are wolves stemmed off the main Hammurabi family, and yes, there is slavery but only in one particular area... Can't eradicated it from everywhere.

The rebellion had promised a true peace: away with slavery, away with silent alphas, and silent royalty. The alphas had started to come out and about among their a good deal more, trying to keep the rebellious people at bay and calmed down. With order restored what new threats come this way?


Cult Updates

We have updated the cult layout, posted up lots of threads (will be adding more later), and are ready for people to post!


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