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Created on: September 21, 2012


Disclaimer read before scrolling

This is an multi-paragraph role playing cult. Not some rinky dink little five sentence place. If you do not know how to role play, or you cannot post more than five sentences, or even if you cannot fill out an application properly, this is not the place for you. If you do not fill out our application correctly, you will not be accepted. Thank you for your interest.

There will be mature situations of various types. We will not tolerate drama, bashing, rule breaking, or immaturity.
So, if you cannot role play, this is not the place for you.

The Present

Right now we are in the modern age which means that televisions, cars, DVD players, game consoles, phones… it all exists. The rulers of this land still hold true to the way it was in the beginning, all Royals are wolves stemmed off the main Hammurabi family, and yes, there is slavery. The slavery is part of the Veuximati Corporation that rose to power; wanting to in a way, take over everything. They are not exactly called 'slaves' any more, they are known as 'Dolls'.

Mindosia's History; The Past

Starting way back from the original Hammurabi, the Sixth King of the Babylonian Empire; this man, Hammurabi was not of human birth. In fact, Hammurabi was a werewolf, a powerful one at that. He contained the strength and mental power to keep a kingdom intact, and once it was time for his 'death' he gave it to one of his 'sons' and started to travel. In that time there were many men of magic and sorcery that did not like this very straight forward and powerful man. Instead of letting him just live the rest of his very long life in peace, they sent him to a complete other realm. The man had no idea what was in store for him. In this new realm of mystery and magic, Hammurabi found that the people were extremely uncivilized and needed direction. He also found other wolves like him. This made the old man a very happy wolf indeed as he took over, enforced his codes and helped the people build themselves up.

He even managed to find himself a wife here! A younger wolven female that birthed him several pups that went off to civilize their own lands. Of course, before Hammurabis' death, his children returned to him. They granted all the lands back to their father knowing that only one of them could be his successor. The man died before he could announce the heir. This sent all five of his children into a vicious and brutal war that lasted over seventeen years. Many died, mostly those of wolf decent. A great deal of humans lost their lives as well. When it came down to it, three of the five children died in battle. They had all fought valiantly and with their men as equals. The lands were brought under the rule of the remaining two who decided to share it all… one taking the western half, the other taking the eastern.

The land, in shambles after this was left to repair, rebuild, and attempt to sooth the wounds of those pained by the extremely long war. It was rebuilt in a way that was pleasing to most- if you were healthy, wealthy, and wise that is… The restoration of this magical realm, known to the natives as Mindosia, went very slowly. The many different lands got misconstrued, people lost their markers for their land and everything had to be re-divided out to the people. The lands, Vesosia, Iricia, Echylia, Aldania, Darocia, and Belylia were given back to the people, to specific alphas of Royal or even noble wolven decedents. The last area of land, Worania, was left for slave handlers and tradesmen. A place for those of intentions to buy and sell things that probably shouldn't be for sale.

Even so, as time passed, people began to become friendlier with one another, began to intermingle among the territories. Technology started to advance, phones, cars, and things of that nature started to come about. Things changed, rulers changed, the way the government ran even kind of changed. Tyrants rose and fell; democrats tried to rule but were thrown away almost as quickly as they were brought up. Militia’s men tried to take over, but in the end, a man of pure wolven decent, named Suraman took over the lands. He reestablished a few old laws, brought down an iron and gnarled old fist down on the people. Which at first, they welcomed. The humans, the wares, and the other various creatures of the realm… they liked it. They took to it like depraved to religion. He was the only one that had been able to fight, talk, and live up to his promises like that of his ancient ancestor Hammurabi. He did not lie and he did not cheat his people. In fact, as long as they were not slaves, he actually allowed them onto certain areas of palace grounds- for a while. Once people started stealing and hearts became darkened by some strange the warrior king took action.

He found this 'darkness' and knew what this was. It was his sister, a psychotic woman known as the leader for the Ralith pack. A pack that had been thought lost in the deadness of Belylia! Of course the siblings fought. Suraman pushed her and her pack back into the dead lands. Barren and unlivable lands they were, but the perfect place for that woman… Her words wrapped in magical mystery that caused others to bind to her will she still called forth people from the 'saved lands'. She would fool them into trying to rise against the great warrior king but each time they would be struck down by his sword. He was perhaps, the only man around that still used a sword over a gun at this point. As he finally struck down the she-wolf during a very small battle she admitted she had a daughter and that daughter would rise against him and bring him and all his glory down. To her final cries King Suraman simply said, "And I will be there to slay my niece as well. Good night dear sisters, may the angels sing you to sleep soundly in the heavens" Then he beheaded her with his mighty sword. Two days later he found his wife dead, poisoned with a note in childish handwriting. "Forgive me grandfather, but this is my job. These lands will be mind" The king went silent and refused to speak ever again. He would speak only when that girl was found and her head was on a spike out front.

Time went on and things grew quiet, scientists made new progressions again, curing certain diseases and so on. The land was in peace. Still is currently in peace under the warrior kings rule, but he grows old, and his three sons grow anxious. What will they do at his death?! They already had plans, but which of the three would succeed? Or would the king miraculously live longer than expected? Magic is still very strong and in practice in these parts; there is bound to be someone that can keep the king alive…

Maleiveux was opened. A school built for all ages. It is not just a school though; this is an orphanage as well. The reason for it being both school and orphanage is that the smaller surrounding schools could not keep up with the demand. The orphanage too was losing track and not being able to keep up, so they all combined. The school is for people of all ages, starting from ten years old and up. The dorms are segregated by gender. After a student reaches twenty they are expected to acquire their own lodging outside of school. Students under the age of sixteen are not allowed to have a job...

The classes vary; from the absolute basics to advanced, from ballet to karate, from acting to band and orchestra, from defense to combat, the choice is pretty much yours. The counselors at the school are there to help you choose your goals and help you get on the right track. Students do not need to live in the dorms as long as they have a guardian or parent with a proper house to live in. The adults in the school care greatly for their students... Well most of them. Rumors have surfaced that some of the teachers are mistreating their students and 'teaching' them things unacceptable. The head masters do their best to make sure that these things do not happen, though they can't be everywhere at once...

Even while this was happening it was rare to see the alphas, rare to even so much as catch a glimpse of the silent king that searched for the one that killed his wife, leaving his kingdom alone... in the hands of his youngest son and alpha. Many of the people came to hear the rumors of the murderous youngest son, the killer of slaves and abuser of power. No one could prove it though.

But the alphas were still silent, a few ventured out every once in a while, but was that really enough? No, their silence brought forth yet another war. A war that resulted in a lot of people going missing or just leaving the lands. When that happened the corporation Veuxitmati appeared and started to not only kidnap, drug, and brainwash people, but start to hold a little power over the area of Worania. The former slave handler was removed from her position and they stopped being called slaves, they were called Dolls.

With the people of Mindosia dwindling, the drug and crimes rates rising, what was the alphas to do? Start yet another war on drugs or lick their wounds from the war, rebuild, and re-do until everything was back to how it should be? The alphas are still unsure of what to do, but they are working on it. Keeping their families safe within the high mountain crevices of Lor'ath Luir.


Mindosian Times

Hey there and welcome ladies and Gents, I know that there have been some changes since the last article of Mindosian Times has been put out! However Mindosian Times is still around and is still being put out there for you guys to read. It's just taken a while for us to adjust to new time changes. For those of you that are new to Mindosia, your first start is in the subforum marked 'Welcome/Start". There are Five threads you need to post in before you go may start role playing. It's a little much but all the information was broken down into separate threads so that it was easier on you guys. This cult has a lot in it! Welcome Thread (First post part one): Link Here
Rules (First post part two): Link Here
Introductions (Second Post): Link Here
Face Claim (Third Post): Link here
Tags (Fourth Post): Link Here
Now, things that are going to be happening are a few contests are coming up as well as a cult wide winter event thrown by the Kings! In other news~ -The Kings Oldest son's mate is with child. -The King had a secret wedding. - The Alphas are looking to fill their ranks (Apply Here) -Alphas are looking to fill their packs and have apprentices () For now that is all, I know it's not totally exciting but it's there. Thank you for reading!

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