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Created on: December 20, 2011
The cult MilitaryPride is for everyone in any form of the military and their affiliates, that includes anyone who is about to enlist.
Support our troops! Talk to people. Learn more about the military. Ask questions, seek advice, and support. Play some games, enter some contests.
You can also find a penpal on here.
1. Be respectful to all members and staff.
2. You must post in the introduction thread first.
3. All VF rules apply.
4. No hate posts about anyone in the military or the military.
5. Be active.
6. Have fun.
7. Obey all rules.
8.Support our troops.
9.Have any problems,issues,suggestions then please feel free to inbox a staff member.
Jessie/Owner Root/techwarriorLogan/Root Chris/Root Name/PositionName/Position Name/Position Name/Position Name/Position Name/PositionName/Position Name/Position Name/Position Name/PositionName/Position

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