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One. Obey all the basic VampireFreak rules that can be applied to this cult and it's users. Click here for the Basic Site Rules if you need to know them.
Two. Do not start any drama. If you vulgarly attack other users, you will be banned for this cult. If a dramatic situation escalates from other users they will be removed as well.
Three. Keep in mind that there are underage users in this cult. We encourage that explicit content be kept to a minimum.

Welcome to LosAngeles

The Los Angeles Cult is for members in or around the Los Angeles County and neighboring cities, or visiting travelers. Ranging from the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Westside, Downtown, and so forth, the cult is for L.A. VampireFreaks members to know one another in this 4,500+ square mile city. Members have options to talk about meeting up at future events and shows, talking about mindless chatter, or just making local friends here on VF. This is also a good source on VF for people who are visiting or moving to L.A. in the future and care to know more about the city, and make some friends ahead of time.

Bands are also welcomed to the L.A. cult, this is an important city in the United States so if any musicians or bands have an upcoming show, feel free to advertise the shows below under the Events column. This isn't just including bands, but other events that can be advertised such as venues, clubs, garage sails, local gatherings at the graveyards, gaming lan parties, funerals, gatherings at "cemeteries", the list is endless....

Ft Artist

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VFLA cult mascot "Cosita Von Samhain the 1st"


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