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Welcome to LittleHome. We are a group focused solely on the CG/L lifestyle. Whether you're a Daddy, Mommy, Caregiver, Little, Brat, Pet, etc, you're welcome here. This is an 18+ cult, so sorry but we do not allow minors. We do not discriminate on your looks, size, sexuality, or anything. We only care about your role. You can be whoever the fuck you want to be, without someone telling you that you "wouldn't" fit your role. Come be apart of our family here at LittleHome.
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18+ only allowed.


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1) You MUST follow VFs [TOS]
2) If you're going to be disrespectful, ignorant or downright rude towards another member, you WILL be banned.
3) If you have a problem with someone, come to the Owner, Autumn; or the CoOwner, Sammie, we will gladly help
4) This cult is to remain SFW. First person who post anything NSFW will be banned and reported.