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From as long as anyone can remember, there has always been stories passed down from generation to generation: tales of mythical creatures that couldn't possibly exist, hiding in plain sight. For most, they were little more than fairy tales that mothers used to spook their children into behaving, threatening them with warnings of a dragon swooping down to gobble them up or implying that they would sprout fur and revert into a mindless beast if they kept it up. Mortal children have forever been dreaming of fanciful worlds filled with angels, witches and wizards, of people just like them that could change into animals at will, and who use their abilities and powers to battle the forces of evil that haunt the night. Their overactive imaginations caused them to chase one another around countless parks and back yards, shouting and giggling at one another as they acted out grand feats of conquest and victory, slaying wrong doers and blood-sucking demons left and right.

As they grew older, however, a sense of foreboding accompanied their childhood fantasies. They couldn't explain it, but suddenly the stories that they had loved and cherished as kids felt much too real, and they found themselves watching the next generation continue in their charades with a sense of foreboding. What was once lighthearted make-believe felt more like a grim premonition of things to come. As such it was shunned from their thoughts, choosing to focus on the mundane happenings of everyday life and forget about the foolish world that had captured their imaginations. Strange occurrences were dismissed as a trick of the light or a hallucination brought on by too much stress and too little sleep. They became blind to the world around them, inadvertently reciting the warnings they heard as children to their own sons and daughters, and the cycle began anew.

However, every now and then, someone breaks free from this vicious cycle, snatched from the ignorant world they lived in and dragged into one they had only dreamed of. Sometimes it's a stroke of fate, an unspoken calling that guides their steps and influences their choices, other times they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some caught wind of the whispered rumors that were never meant to be heard and were enchanted all over again: sightings of persons of unimaginable beauty strolling through the woodlands, animals that acted with extraordinary intelligence or preformed unbelievable feats by working in tandem with one another, or rare sightings of a massive bird in the sky of unimaginable proportions, large enough to block out the sun.

No matter how it happened their lives began to irrevocably change, and they started to remember. The uncomfortable fear they felt when watching the oblivious youth grew stronger, making them restless and uneasy. There was no reason for it, no tangible proof that their anxiety was justified, but somehow it felt like the calm before the storm, and they were unable to shake the feeling that something horrible was about to happen. The unseen war they had always imagined suddenly seemed far closer then they were comfortable with, a war that they were already a part of, whether they knew it or not.




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003. Grammar and spelling are important, so use them to the best of your ability.
004. Do not god-mod. Your characters are not all powerful and can be injured/killed.
005. Be respectful and don't bring in any outside drama.