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Created on: October 25, 2011
With the various military agencies set to work between the rising preternatural movements, and the loss of control over major cities, a secret project was put into motion in hopes to offer the soon to be unsustainable planet's exponential growth. The United States, refusing to accept the dwindling fate and even less losing face to their national rivals instated a secret aerospace program in unison with NASA. After recruiting the brightest minds the world had to offer, Project Artemis was put into place, it's goal space exploration in hopes for potential colonization. Much work was put in before the creation of Prometheus, the first Earth ship capable of lightspeed and lengthened space travel. The selection process was tedious, but when the team was put together, if the planet was ever to have a chance at expanding and colonizing a new planet, this was their best bet.

Months passed, and the ship met several losses between extraterrestrial attacks and unexpected encounters on seemingly uninhabited planets. All hope had seemed lost for colonization until a small planet was detected by the ship. It's construct, water levels and gases quite similar to that of their home world, or rather how it had been believed to be before pollution and global warming had begun to take its toll. Lantea began as a new hope for Earth, and those aboard the Prometheus. Its surface large and divided by great expanses of water welcoming from above. Everything about the planet was inviting, and the initial setup on inhabited land left a promising feeling inside every crew member to set foot on it's surface.

After the first attempts at colonization, the Earth settlers soon discovered they were not alone. Many other creatures lived on Lantea, as well as an oppressive government taking part in a grand intergalactic slave trade which ruled its inhabitants. Before they knew it, a large portion of the group was taken into custody and sold at auction. Some were left on the planet, while others were sent off-world and never heard of again. With the military run operation successfully concealed the missions from the general public back on Earth, those remaining humans aboard the ship were left to fend for themselves. Hope to return home became futile to say the least. Some were more successful than others, finding positions of power on the planet, however most were put into slavery. This resolution was not achieved without a high price in lives and blood. Soon enough, those that had managed power worked a deal with the powers on Earth to continue fueling the program through slavery, creating a black market of sorts to continue the import of beings to be sold at the auction.

With some luck and a few members of the God King's inner circle, a small group of imprisoned military members managed to help create a political instability that left the planet in a state of civil war. For five years blood was tirelessly shed until finally the God King was finally overthrown. Despite the original promises of freedom and democracy, the losses in bodies and ammo left the new leaders of the planet in a tough situation. Mostly, the inhabitants of the planet had never known a life outside slavery and responded poorly to attempts at government and freedom. Beyond that, the threat from the outside planets as part of the trade needed to be kept in the dark of the political changes on the planet.

Thus, slavery continued to strive on Lantea. The conditions differed greatly on each continent, the planet divided by beliefs and protected by the geography in light of depleted resources. When the ashes fell, and the tallies were done, the people of the planet divided into three factions settled on the three continents the planet offered. The Allegiance which pursued slavery and held a military dictatorship on the planet; the Independents who participated in the slave trade but pushed for freedom and democracy, and the Lanteans whose intentions were always on the shady and volatile side of things.

A few more years passed and although the factions still stand, there is no doubt as to how the planet is run. Having lead the Allegiance since it's inception, Christian Krajcik has finally managed what had always seemed to be his end goal: total global domination. In order to maintain peace he has allowed the other factions to remain, but has kept them in line with an iron fist. This has caused several attempts on his life as he attempts to keep his hold on power.

If you have been sent to this planet, you will be sold into a faction. What you make of your time here is on you. The question is, which Faction will choose you to be their vassal?

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