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We welcome to all Inactive Messiah fans,this is about a Greek Death/Black Melodic Metal band Called Inactive Messiah on vampire freaks If you are a Inactive Messiah fan why not join our cult?</br> Join Today!</br> We welcome everybody here!!

Inactive Messiah is a Greek melodic death metal band, founded in Athens. The band consists of singer Xristos, guitarists Thanos and Sotiris, bass player Lefteris and drummer Michalis.</br> The band was formed back in 2001 under the name “Womb Of Maggots”. Their 1st album “Life Odium” was released under that name but after that the band changed its name to “Inactive Messiah” and the self titled album was released December 2004 by Black Lotus Records. </br> Origin: Athens, Greece</br> Genre(s): Death metal</br> Dark metal</br> Industrial metal</br> Years active: 2001 – Present</br> Label(s): Holy Records</br> Associated acts: Womb Of Maggots</br> Website:</br>

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