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Created on: February 09, 2012


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A story about the lights and dark's, who both sides are involved in a war for power. The dark creatures are trying to take over the world and in the process destroy the lights by killing them or napping them and making them the slaves for the demons one by one. The darks think that they have destroyed all things good in life including the angels and most of the Gods and Goddess's, but they are mistaken. A group of undiscovered lights have recently figured out who and what they are, and have recently heard of this battle that is going on. They've been staying in hiding all this time to save themselves but when they see that their world and people are only falling apart, they've decided to come out of hiding to protect their people and their world.
Now, there's not only lights and darks but there are also neutral's. The neutrals side up on both sides and are usually backstabbers to their sides. They only side with the ones they believe are the most powerful so they can be in control as well or just save themselves from death by one of the sides. The neutrals usually side with both lights and darks at the same time without both sides knowing; so watch your back from these backstabbers.
Right now, the world is being ran and lead by the people who have fallen into the darkness. It is up to you to choose which side you will battle on.
So the question still remains, which side will you choose?


1. All VF Rules Apply
2. Respect all members and staff
3. No Real Life Drama
4. No Godmoding
5. Be as active as possible
6. Don't kill off someone's character unless the creator gives you permission to.
7. Try to use correct grammar and spelling in the roleplays please; I don't care in the chat threads.
8. Try to be detailed as possible in the roleplays.
9. Please make your posts at least more then three sentences so that way people can be able to respond to it.
10. Sex is allowed in the cult, but not that often and not without the persons permission. Rape can happen but only if the person allows it to happen.
11. Have fun in the cult.
Rules 8 and 9; we will not be so strict on them because this is also a rp cult for people new to roleplaying.


~Lights Only
*Gods and Godess's(High Staff only with only both owner's permission)
*Guardian Angels

~Darks Only
*The Ubi's (Succubus & Incubus)
*Fallen Angels

~Neutrals Only
*Fallen Angels


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