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Who Can View: Anyone


1. All basic VF rules apply
2. No bullying or harassing members/staff
3. Staff decisions are final
4. No nudity
5. Follow sub-forum rules
6. More rules will be added so watch this space
7. Prove you read the rules when posting in the introduction thread by posting "I See Red" When asked (This will change each week)


Welcome to Horrific_Beauty.
We are a cult for any gore and horror lovers.
We pride ourselves in being one of the most friendly beauty cults on VF. You only need to apply to show us that you are human. We are not an elite beauty cult. Everyone is beautiful in one way or another
We have contests, designer giveaways, discussions, dailies, featured member and staff and a lot more
We are a new but very active cult
So come join us and be a Horror Beauty

Staff & Designers


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06/27/2012- New Layout.
07/16/2012- New Owner.
07/26/2012- New Discussion Topics.
10/20/2012- New Owner, new Co-Owner. 12/21/2012- Cult is now for women and men.