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Home Sweet Apocalypse
According to the Mayan Calender, the world was supposed to come to an end on December 21, 2012. Apparently, the Mayan's didn't calculate for what the world was doing to itself before that. For decades, the world's super powers had gathered the top scientific minds of their generation in the hope of creating the ultimate weapon and thus the ultimate fighting machine to bring the wars of the nations to an end. This ultimate fighting machine was to be created from the most renewable resource - humanity.

The idea of creating the ultimate weapon of force was a two-fold process. One in which they would be able to unleash the most horrific chemical weapon known to mankind up to this point and one in which to be assured their own military and that of the allies would be immune to this weapon of mass destruction.

Deep under cover in the labyrinth of the world's underbelly, these chemists, physicists and scientists began choosing random humans from various walks of life. Without their consent or sometimes even their knowledge, they were subjected to innumerable tests, injections, blood transfusions and mechanical infusions. Billions of dollars were poured into the program and thousands of people lost their lives in the process. All of this was done behind the scenes of the face the government out out there of making a better tomorrow.

In early 2012, dozens of Marine veterans of the Iraqi war were pulled into the laboratories of the defense counsel under the guise of having "one more duty" to fulfill for their country. Of the 36 men brought in, 24 of them died instantly but somehow reanimated into mindless killing machines, 7 of them changed into something monstrous and five survived the initial analysis of the chemical injections.

Those one the committee were elated at the discovery that they had finally found some that were immune to the new weapon. News got out of the so-called success and soon questions were being posed and accusations began to fly. All hell broke loose as demonstrators surrounded the now known building that housed the laboratory. Rioting in the streets as the people rose up against their government's so called new weapon of mass destruction.

That night as the counsel decided how to dispose of the monstrosities they had created, it was decided that all of them should die. Entering the testing room where the 5 immune were naked and laid out with iv's in their arms. But, what they did not know was the power of these new beings they had created, both the monstrosities and those immune. Their DNA had changed, they were stronger, faster and more capable than anything they had before encountered.

The scientist began trying to kill off the specimen, but out numbered and out powered, they rose up against their captors and began to attack. As the mayhem of the night ensued, the laboratory was overrun by the infected and the scientists were cut down in a path of blood and gore. In the gruesome madness, two of the five were able to team up and with their previous training and their new abilities, they escaped the madness of the night.

Unfortunately, so did some of the common infected and the special infected. Now loosed upon an unsuspecting crowd of rioters outside, the infection spread like a wild fire caught in a windstorm.

It has been 4 years.....
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