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For years corporations have been the true individuals who run city,state and federal governments. In Hollows, Colorado it has become even more evident. HexCore has somehow managed to monopolize all the major markets, gained control over the city government and even has their own people that police the city.

Owner and CEO Cruel Hexxion controls the entire city and everyone in it. His power base has allowed him to leak various drugs into the city that alter human DNA and forever change those who take it. Many have no clue what the drugs they buy from the local drug dealer can really do to them. Others seek these drugs out for the incredible high they offer or simply for the powers they give.

Will the city crumble in destruction as the very populace begin to change into creatures that before today were simply fiction or legends? Or will these altered individuals rise up as their powers come to light? Perhaps some might even hide in shadow in fear of what others might think of what they have become?


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