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Welcome to Hellus

The world had been left in shambles at the hands of humanity. Hades, in disgust of the ways of man and beast, would no longer be held back by the bonds his brother had set for him. With the lack of faith in the gods of old, he would press through the veil and bring upon the apocalypse. For years the gods did not intervene. Many cursed their name, and many turned their backs on faith, not understanding as to why the gods did nothing, but stay in Olympus. Those who still had belief in their mercy, held on to a sliver of hope that they would come and save them.

Three centuries had come and gone. The world had nearly crumbled under the rule of Hades, until one merciful day, a warrior had risen from the ashes. Stepping foot on ruined soil, and bringing life under the touch of each step. A champion who was no God, nor Demi-god, but a willing soul. Chosen by the Goddess Artemis, this Champion had awoken the roots that laid deep beneath fire and brimstone. By her actions, she had done the one thing that Hades did not think possible. The one thing no one had thought nor had expected, not even the gods of old. She had awoken Persephone, the goddess of Spring and Growth, and broke the chains that kept her tied to Hades' fate. Some say it was her courage that gave her a mighty power, others say it was fate.

A stirring had grabbed the attention of many mortal, god, and demi-god. Hades would not tolerate a threat in his domain. With eyes burning of fire and anger, in a fit of rage the god moved to strike down the Champion of Artemis, but it would be his beloved who would take the hit, and in turn banish him back to the underworld. By doing so she had awoken a champion of her own to aid the other on a quest to bring life once more to the forsaken soil that was poisoning the earth. She sacrificed her own fate yet again, so that Hellus could be restored in time. Having to return to the Underworld with Hades wasn't something she wanted, as freedom was a quick bitter-sweet glance, but she would endure. It would be temporary this time, she could feel it, but for now, she knew it had to be done.

---- THE NEXT CHAPTER ---- Long had been the days when man had reached out and prayed to their gods for help. After Hades' wrath, it would seem like enslavement would never break. Chains would hold the humans, until finally Hades was banished, and a changing of fate would wake the gods of old from their dormant act of silence. As well as bringing forth those of a supernatural kind who had remained in hiding. The Champion of Artemis, and Persephone had sought out places of worship. They had become defenders of their gods temple, a beacon of hope to the humans who would come seeking answers, and leave with hope and peace of mind that a restoring was coming to Hellus. Poseidon and Hecate had seen the change that the others had brought, and it would be their Champions who would rise next. They two would take their place at the temple that represented their god, and be a lighthouse in a hopeless sea. Two centuries had passed and the earth had already began its healing process. Though in ruins it still was, much more life had come from the elements of the champions, and the gifts their gods had given them. The four Champions were called to a sacred terrain deep in the woodland ruins of Hellus. Passing through the illusive veil, the four had entered a hidden ground where their gods had been waiting for them. Olympus would be calling more warriors, and it would be their duty to see them properly looked after, and brought to the Gate of Olympus where god and champion would meet. Behind the four gods stood a large golden archway, it was impassable, but a reminder that hope is not lost. The sea raged on behind it, and it would be Poseidon who warned them to be weary of a Champion of Hades. Hades may not be able to come above quite yet, but he could send wicked beasts and a Champion of his own to break the pillars and destroy the gateway that allowed God and Champion to meet. The gods would not intervene, though this time it was agreed that they would only step in if Hades found another loophole to walk the earth once more. And so, with a heavy task, the four Champions set out to their corners of Hellus. It would seem in a dying world, this is where change had begun. In the darkness Hades was plotting his revenge, and more Champions were awakening to the call of change.

Champions of the Gods