Who Can Join: By Approval
Who Can View: Only Members
You wake up on the first level of Hell.

You know what you did to get here.

So do the Demons.

So does HE.

Will you suffer for eternity?

Will you give your soul and convert?

Or will you work your way through the levels and earn your salvation?

Here, this is the Law. Break the law, and perish!


  • ABSOLUTELY NO MEMBERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ALLOWED. Anyone caught faking their age will be deleted and blocked immediately and without warning.

  • No Drama or Shit Stirring.

  • If you spam on my cult, I will land on you like a ton of bricks!

  • Members MUST respect staff.

  • Staff members CANNOT cause drama. If they do they will be dealt with by the owner.

  • If someone intentionally insults you, print screen it and send it to the owner (shadowess)

  • Unless you are staff and/or have gained permission; Do not create new threads.

  • Inactivity without reason is not tolerated. We can make allowances if we're notified. If you suddenly leave we'll assume you either died or lost interest in the cult. Either way, you'll be deleted and lose any characters you have. Below 5 posts, you have four weeks to become active. Above 5 posts, if you're inactive for over four weeks you'll receive a single warning and a further 3 days to either resume activity, leave or notify us or you'll be deleted and lose any characters you had.

    Role Play Rules

  • Members with a -50 post count; One paragraph (Five full sentences minimum) per role play reply.

  • Members with a 50+ post count; Two paragraph (Fifteen full sentences minimum) per role play reply because by now you will no longer be viewed as "new to role play". ["Full Sentances" meaning a few must contain connectives.]

  • No one-liner posts.

  • If talking Out Of Character, you MUST put "OOC:" before your message so that we know that we're talking to you not your character.

  • Your characters cannot make things out of thin air.

  • All character MUST have permission to either harm or kill another persons character from the person who owns the character you intend to inflict damage.

  • ALWAYS use correct grammar and spelling (no tlking lyk dis)

  • DO NOT skim read other people's posts before making your own posts, this is how members get confused.

  • Your character can role play in as many places as you can handle. (Hell is in a constant state of flux so time has no relevance)

  • If your character leaves a thread you must state that they have left like this: (Exit character name)

  • Use common sense when posting, how would YOU react in that situation (unless your character is dumb intentionally)

  • You MUST use only your character when role playing. They are allowed to talk briefly to a non-created character but you cannot roleplay as a non-created character with other members characters. If you want that character to exist, Create them!

  • The Password is changed at random, If you give me the wrong password it means you haven't read the rules and you will receive an instant warning.

  • More Rules May Be Added