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The times were quiet, the large mass amount of people gifted with powers have claimed they are defenders of good, ones who would fight of evil when it threatened the planet Earth they were all calling home. Humanity needed protecting did it not? The heroes of the Justice League lived secrete lives, happy lives with loved ones they obtained, fighting petty crimes with their lesser teams. The true defenders were high above in the Watchtower orbiting Earth. Unknowing of the true terrors that were soon to be coming.

Lex Luthor had be public about his dislike of the heroes defending Earth, so much so his campaigne around election year for Presidency had him winning. Now the LEader of the People of North America, he set out for a task. While Lex had other intentions, A league amoung villains had started to rise up, lead by none other than a Ms. Harley Quinn and her merry band of misfits, Reverse Flash and soon support from Luthor himself, they had a plan. Time from the Joker had her mind focused and a plan devised to do what the Clown could never - Or anyone could do. The attack on the Watchtower was quick and devestating, a Double Agent amoung the ranks having given the now calle dInjustice League a chance to end all Heroes. While the Watchtower had been destroyed, many of the defenders too had vanished.

With the time that followed, a new leader came forth, Diana Prince - Wonder Woman would not stand by as the villains of all over came to Earth to cause turmoil. But with Lex's words and the seeming hate of Heroes, Diana has her work cut out for her as she and her other leaders; Superman and Martian Man Hunter. They rebuilt the Justice League, gathering all they could to bring peace back amoung the worlds.

This is war. The Villains have taken over North America and almost soon the entire planet.


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