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Created on: February 13, 2011

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Welcome to Gamer District

We were previously a female only gaming cult, now available to everyone!
We're all kind of gamers, hardcore, casual or if you're just starting out. We're here to prove that everybody can game! Our goal is to have a friendly and fun environment, to talk about games, new releases, gaming news, trailers and other discussions. However we are not only a gaming cult, you can post in the game threads, and we have some non-gaming related threads. So what are you waiting for waiting for?

Join one of the oldest and original gaming cults on vf today!



  1. Intro thread is to be your first post.
  2. You are to obey the staff.
  3. Respect each other, no drama.
  4. Be active and stay active.
  5. No spamming or whoring of any kind.
  6. No add me on xbl/psn/steam threads,
  7. unless it's a reward.
  8. We speak proper english in this cult.
  9. Most importantly, have fun!

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