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Created on: February 13, 2011

About GG

Hello Ladies! And welcome to GG.

We are a females only gaming cult. For all kind of gamers, hardcore, casual or if you're just starting out. We're here to prove that girls can game too! Our goal is too have a friendly and save environment, to talk about games, new releases, gaming news, trailers and discussions. However we are not only a gaming cult, you can post in the game threads, and we have some non gaming related threads. So what are you waiting for ladies?
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000 Be Active
001 Please post in the introduction thread before posting anywhere else.
002 Do NOT disrespect any member of this cult.
003 Debbie Downers are not welcome, keep your negativity out of this cult.
004 If you make a thread, do not typ lik dis.
005 No spamming or double posting of any kind. (Unless the thread other-wise says.)
006 Feel free to make threads and or polls.
007 Most importantly have fun! Our members and staff love help out any way they can, and love meeting new people. Don't be shy! ^_^

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