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About GameStop

Hi there, and welcome! We are GameStop, a fast growing cult modeled after the Owner's former cult "Legendary-Gamers" circa 2008. We are a co-ed cult for gamers of all platforms and all ages.
Our aim is to be the largest gaming community of VF, large enough hopefully to host online games.
Until then, we have many Gaming Discussions, Character, Creature & Weapon Discussions, and even Cult Challenges!
Join in, pick a team and take part in our Inter-Team Competition! Will you be on the winning team? Join in and find out! We hope to see you here!

- GameStop Staff


Code of Conduct

001. [Adhere] VF's ToS

002. All first cult posts, are to be in the [Introduction] thread. Along with picking a team! We give one month (or three warnings), for this to occur. If you fail to introduce yourself/pick a team, you will be removed from "GameStop".

003. "GameStop" is not seeking to be an incredibly active cult. We're here to discuss Video Games, and that's that! We're not here to feed into "Graphical Designing", "Popularity Contests" via Prettiest Eyes nor "Roleplaying" Threads. Please seek those kinds of cults instead of pressuring "GameStop" to follow that format. Thank you.

004. We welcome all Members to post threads. Just be sure to post all of your threads, in our [General Discussion] subforum. The other subforums are for Staff only to post threads in. You will receive a warning for posting in the wrong the subforum, along with a 500 point deduction from both yourself AND your team!

005. All opinions are to be expressed in a polite manner. Any Member caught bullying/harassing other Members of "GameStop", will receive a warning, 500 points deducted from both the Member AND their team and/or possibly suspended/banned from "GameStop". We want to remain a drama-free cult. Please leave all your personal problems, at the door! If you must, INBOX the person you have issues with, do NOT bring it here, at "GameStop". This includes misusing VF's Point System. Please and thank you.

006. Do NOT post back to back! If nobody has posted behind you, please EDIT your post, to add more to your thoughts. Anyone caught spamming will receive a warning, 500 points deducted from both themselves AND their team and/or possibly suspended/banned, from "GameStop".

007. We run a warning system (W;1). Reach three, and you'll be banned from "GameStop". Only the Owners can deter warnings. Simplest way to NOT receive any warnings, follow these guidelines!

008. Follow any additional rules, found in certain threads (made by Staff). Break those rules, and you'll receive a warning, 500 points deducted from both you AND your team and/or possibly suspended/banned from "GameStop". Please read ALL Rules!

009. Only the Owners, of "GameStop", may alter these rules, at any time. If other Members of Staff try to overstep their bounds in altering these "Ten Commandments", will receive a warning, 500 points deducted from themselves AND their team and/or possibly suspended/banned from Administration! Do NOT alter these Rules! Only the Owners (Owner and Co-Owners) can.

010. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns refer to our "F.A.Q." section, and/or you can send a private inbox to our Administration team. Better to ask than to be sorry. Do look at the "F.A.Q." section, first. Your question might be there!


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