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• Respect all members and staff.
• Remain as active as possible.
• Do not harass other members.
• No inappropriate images.
• No "Single and Looking" threads.
• No advertising without staff permission.

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Welcome to Flirters

Hello, and welcome to Flirters, VF's top flirting cult! The cult name says it all, we're a group based around flirting. Not everyone comes to flirt though - we also offer games, contests, and various discussions!
We're a pretty laid back bunch, so why don't you take a chance and see what we're all about?

Apart from games and discussions, we also offer sections where people can seek advice, post photos, and even show off their creative talents!

Not seeking a relationship? No problem! Aside from playing cupid, we also form tons of friendships! Several of our members throughout time have met in person and still chat on a regular basis through more personal communication methods!

Cult Updates

7/30/2017 New layout.
7/30/2017 Holy added as co-owner
7/30/2017 Thread cleanup.

New cult graphics are in the works!

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