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Hello, and welcome to Flirters, VF's top flirting cult! The cult name says it all, we're a cult based hugely on flirting. Be you single, swinger, or cheater, we invite you to come and fulfill all your flirting desires. Our goal is to offer you the best dating/hookup cult on all of, and sincerely hope you find what (or who) you're looking for.

Although we are a hookup cult, we are not a cult of sluts and we do not promote nudity of any sort - be it your own postings or requesting from someone else. Display or requests of nude pictures will result in immediate termination and ban from the cult - No exceptions.

We do have an introductory thread, however it is not mandatory you post in it. We would like to get to know you for you! Please refrain from posting your A/S/L outside of the introductory or relationship threads. If we wanted to know those details we would look at your profile.

Outside of flirting, we also offer intelligent discussions, a wide variety of games, and even a subforum to suit all your picture-related needs. If you happen to want to post a thread and there is not already a related topic going, we would absolutely LOVE to see you post it! The more active you are, the better! If you have any questions, feel free to ask any staff member. And remember, we welcome you to the family and hope you enjoy your stay!







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→ Respect all members and staff.
→ Harassment will not be tolerated.
→ Keep drama to a minimum.
→ No inappropriate content in the image threads.
→ Be active, but do not spam.
→ Don't create "Single&Looking" threads.
→ Threads requesting conversation are prohibited.
→ Please post in the correct subforum.
→ Don't create a thread to introduce yourself.
→ Don't make a thread for advertisement of any kind.