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Created on: November 17, 2007

Welcome To FakeBusters

"How do I get in the cult?"
When you click join an application box comes up, read it; NO VF SALUTES = NO ENTRY.
We prefer VIDEO salutes to photos salutes or cam requests.

There Are 3 Ways You May Get Into The Cult:

  1. Option 1: 4 in color [not grayscale], non-edited, handwritten, clear [not pixelated/fuzzy], face showing salutes.
  2. Option 2: 1 video salute [sign and voice prefered; keep it regular time, don't fuck with the speed (Just link us in the app box, for some reason video html does NOT show up and appears as a blank app and you will be declined)]
  3. Option 3: Leave your MSN/Yahoo/AIM and go on cam within 5 days of submitting the Application.
    You must also hold up a sign with your vf username.
  4. The first 2 options will get you in faster, currently no one has time to sign often and cams tend to error a lot. We do NOT have Skype!

[.CLICK HERE.] to see video salute examples if you aren't sure.
Still confused? Click the "F.A.Q." link on the right.

Why Are We Application?

OBVIOUSLY because we don't want fakes finding and joining our cult, they sure do try.
*We do not share your salutes or save any application information*

Welcome Everyone!

Sick of seeing fakes steal peoples pictures all over vampirefreaks.com? Fakes of you or your friends or just people that you see being faked a lot? Tired of being lied to by these fakes? Want them gone? We do too. In this cult, we work as a team, to keep people from stealing others' identities. Wouldn't you want to know if your new VF best friend, isn't who you though he or she was? Well FakeBusters is here to help! If you want to join our team, just join the cult. Although, it is prefered you have THREE salutes to post in the Application. We are NOT a beauty cult full of people with fakes. We are just people joined together to help prevent fakes from being on Vampirefreaks.com.

Here we report fakes we find so that we can gather more information on them or report identified fakes to the site Admins so they may be deleted.

  1. We do NOT bash fakes, such actions may result in your profile being suspended by an admin. Asking suspected fakes to salute is also considered harassment, so please ask us to have an Admin ask for one.
  2. We aren't here to brag about the fakes we've gotten deleted, we are here only to rid VF of the fake scum.
  3. The Recently Deleted Fakes list is updated several times daily, whenever ones we reported get deleted, they are removed from the report thread. We get on average 20-100 fakes deleted a day.
  4. Lastly, I hope you enjoy the cult!
Please Note;
  1. We are NOT a "Whore Train."
  2. We will NOT put you on the lists for your internet-ego.
  3. These lists will NOT stop you from being faked!

If you truly wish to stop your fakes the simple and obvious ways to start are to:
-Make a salute video with full length url signs and voice, post it on all your pages. -Report the fakes url with this video to the site administration!
-Do a "friends" clean out and set your images to friends only.
-Start watermarking your images heavily where it is not easily cropped off/edited out.

If that doesn't work after a few weeks and the fakes are on your last nerve then it is recommended you suck up your e-ego and:
-Remove ALL of your pictures or privatize them.
-Delete your webpages or do so but remake them for friends only, make it something harder to find and only give it our to close friends you actually care about!

There are a few common sense things not to do if you don't want fakes to begin with..don't site model, don't "whore" yourself out, don't add random strangers to boost your friend count, etc.
Its no surprise that over 90% of the people on our lists did those 3 things so much.

Unless of course you are one of those sad individuals that happen upon our site every once in awhile who wants fakes, then by all means go spend hours online adding random strangers, joining whore trains and taking horribly angled pictures of yourself that are so edited you are looking rather fake yourself.

We WILL pursue information/graphic theft from our group until you remove it.

Cult F.A.Q.

We WILL pursue information/graphic theft from our group until you remove it. To help you with any questions you may have, I'm going to attempt to explain the concept of this cult in a whole as clearly as I can. This will cover everything from how to join to what is a fake, to how do you tell fakes, what is a salute, what threads are for what, FakeBusters history to who are the staff!

What Is A Salute?"

A salute is yourname@vampirefreaks.com, written on paper, or your body, (NOT EDITED IN ANYWAY). CLICK HERE to see salute examples if you aren't sure what a salute is still.

"What Is A Fake?"

A fake is someone who uses/steals images of other people and claims that this is them in the photos. Image theft is not only mean and stupid, but illegal.

"Why Would Someone Fake?"

Well this varies from person to person..I find the main reasons are:
  1. They have low self esteem and do not find themselves pretty enough. I've talked a few into using their own images and they are never ugly from my experience, just your "average" people.
  2. They are too young and they are not allowed to post images of themselves online [13 or younger usually] so they steal images and pretend to be older.
  3. They are looking for cam sex or such and want to be "sexy" so they will get what they want easier and from better looking people.
  4. They hate the person they are faking and are trying to make them look bad, slutty or stupid.
  5. They did not know using images of someone else was wrong and actually were not claiming to be the person.
  6. They got bored and decided to make a multiple account of someone; not always better looking. This usually is the MOST COMMON with actual VF members who have a real account too.
  7. They made a fake account to snoop out another cult that they do not like or heard was talking shit about theirs [more common than you might think].
  8. They make fakes of THEMSELVES to get attention and make people think they are more pretty or boost their self-esteem...not sure why that is, but its also more common than you might think.
  9. They want to play as someone else to see how it feels to be internet famous. There are many more reasons, but as this is a long list already, I will move on.

"Are There Common Ways To Tell A Fake?" YES

  1. Pixelated/Fuzzy or small pictures.
  2. Overlapping VF watermarks or urls from other sites.
  3. The pictures look nothing alike and are all types of sizes/shapes.
  4. They complain of previously being deleted or 'hacked' or they seem to really over work the point that they are not fake on their profile.
  5. You see those pictures a ton on other sites as well as VF.
  6. They have oddly low ratings/comments calling them fake.
  7. Their pictures don't seem to match the others they have or are too pretty to seem real.
  8. Premium fakes, harder to get deleted/suspended but still possible. Just because someone has a premium account, doesn't make them real!!

"How Do I Post A New Topic/Poll?"

New Topic; Click The Button Here In The Cult: image :pointup That Will take you to the New Topic Page. New Poll; Only Roots And Higher Can Do So.

"What Are The Cult Rules?"

These can be found on the main cult page on the right hand side.

"Whats The Cult Warning System?"

Titles I and the Other Staff Admins and up can give you. There are 3 warnings, they will be stuck in your usertitle so that everytime you post it shows up. Theyll look like this: Warning 1: [Reason] Warning 2: [Reason] Warning 3: [Reason]; This is your LAST chance. Once your third chance is up you will be deleted from the cult, able to reapply unless you start breaking rules again. You will NOT be banned unless you start lots of fights or are found to be faking things in cult on your account OR having multiple accounts that are fakes, whether they are in this cult or not it is against the VF and FakeBuster rules and in my opinion throughly stupid that you are here if you fake things. Warnings will be given out for such things as constantly not using proper format when reporting fakes or making threads for fakes when you should know they belong in the REPORT THREAD. Also, making threads about people who are on the CF list; IF that exact image is on the CF list and you do it multiple times. Starting cult drama and/or fights, keep that shit out ofthe cult. This includes vulgar arguements over who is fake and not [ESPECIALLY if you do so with NO PROOF], stereotyping negatively, racism, anything of that like. Making mutiple threads on the same people/game threads. Arguing with staff decisions/bashing the cult. Harassment of fakes is a seperate choice from this cult and if you choose to do so you will not get warnings but if you get in trouble you are on your own. Since this IS against VF rules, trust me I learned it the hard way.

"Once I Join, What Do I Do?"

Well this is up to you! You must have had a reason to join? But typically you go to the IntroductionThread: HERE. Other then that, you can report fakes, partcipate in cult topics about fakes, cult chat, discussions, contests, votes, etc.

"Whats The Report Thread For?"

REPORT THREADS HERE MEMBERS; This is where you can post fakes or possible fakes you find on Vampirefreaks.com. If you know who they are faking and if the real person has a salute/proof, please state so, it will save us staff some time. You'll see REPORTED [date here] posts; Those are fakes the staff have reported to the Admin profile. Suspected//Unknown Fakes; Those are possible fakes which will be kept an eye on until further proof that they are either fake or not comes around. ASK TO SALUTE; These are profiles we think may be fake and need to be reported by a staff member to the Admin or Elara and asked for a "salute/proof." MEMBERS AND STAFF BESIDES ELARA ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASK FOR SALUTES, IT IS HARASSMENT AND YOU MAY BE DELETED/SUSPENDED. Members and Staff: It is AMAZING if you look to make sure the person you are about to report is not somewhere on this thread, it takes a lot of time to keep this thread orderly and its greatly appreciated if you help out by doing this. STAFF; If that did not help you above, please try to keep the fakes and things ordered, make sure you arent reporting "Brookelle" fakes in 3 different spots in the thread or linking items wrongly. I know sometimes your reports are ignored or sit in the inbox for days, just keep them small and linked and they will likely get deleted and it will be of great help. The thread has a format as youll see names and links are in certain colors, if you might please keep that format going.

"Whats The [Report] Unidentified Common MALE/FEMALE VF Fakes Here Threads For?"

[Report] Unidentified Common MALE VF Fakes Here [Report] Unidentified Common FEMALE VF Fakes Here MEMBERS AND STAFF; This Is Where You Post People You See Faked a ton on vf at. There seems to be A LOT of confusion over this. Please, do not report POSSIBLE FAKES here. Those belong in the Report VF Fakes Thread Found by CLICK HERE Also, there are a lot of pictures of people who are unidentified in fakebusters here, we would GREATLY appreciate your help if you do or might know who one of these people are. If so, just simply post the links/names/other pics of them there.

"Whats The Commonly Faked People. [Report/Reference] Thread For?"

Click Here For The Report/Reference Thread MEMBERS AND STAFF; This is where you post someone who gets A LOT of fakes and is REAL. They have salutes/proofs/have been on cam for you. Send us their name, links to profile[s] and 2-6 pictures of theirs that are commonly faked. Then they will be posted on the Commonly Faked Lists [CFL] on the Fakebusters Freewebs HERE. It helps out a TON if you can post them there in this format: Click Here For The Report Format But it is not recquired you do so. You can also find the "Newest Boy and Girl Additions" Posted there, this is if you're checking up every once in awhile to see who we've just identified.

"Whats The Recently Deleted Fakes Thread For?" No longer exists

MEMBERS; This is where fakes that were reported in the Report VF Fakes Thread [.Click Here for the report vf fakes thread.] go once they are dealt with by either suspension or deletion by the VF Admins. It is kept in a format as well so if you have a fake that was recently dealt with and wish to post it here to be added to the list then do so. You are not recquired to use the format, but it does save us time (colors used tend to change). Click Here For The Recently Deleted Fakes Format The names here are deleted every few days once the list gets too long or 5 days comes around, whichever is first. STAFF; Only Elara may add people to the list to save time and confusion on checking to see if the names are already added or not.

"Whats The Cult Chat thread For?"

Click here for the cult chat thread This is just a place to come and chat with your fellow "FakeBusters" it does not have to be on topic with the cult. Just keep it abiding to VF and Cult rules and you are fine.

"Where Do I Find The Freewebs/Commonly Faked Lists?"

Click here for the Freewebs account The commonly faked lists can be found there or at the bottom of the cult past all the subforums, the top of the cult when you click the "important links" button or in the weekly cult updates. The Commonly Faked Lists [CFL] are for REAL PEOPLE ONLY! These are the people who are commonly faked, if you know someone who is commonly faked [5 or more fakes before] you may post them in this thread HERE: commonly faked add/newest added thread You can find info on the format above under "What is the Commonly Faked People. [Report/Reference] Thread For?".

"Who Are The Staff?"

You can find the layout to the top right side.

"How Can I Be Sure The Staff Are Not Fake Themselves?"

Truth be told, you can't. You can trust in that we have made them all salute at LEAST three times and submit a video salute. Also that we have not yet been suspicious they may be fakes, otherwise we would not have added them to the cult or staff. However, here is some proof for the staff you may find on the freewebs by CLICK HERE

"I Want A Cult Banner, Where Do I Get One?"

You can find the link on the top of the main cult page under the "Banners" button or by CLICK HERE Then just copy the codes in the box and stick them in your "edit profile" codes on your layout.

"I Made A Cult Sign, Where Do I Put It?"

You can post it in this "Rewards//Want To Be Staff//Affiliate//Banners" Thread CLICK HERE or send it to the Owner Then it will be uploaded to the cult gallery.

"How Do I Become Featured Member?"

Two ways:
  1. You Won A contest.
  2. You help out A LOT around the cult. Otherwise do not ask, we aren't here to whore you.

"How Do I Find Recent Updates In The Cult?"

On the right top section there are the Updates. If not, the weekly cult notifications are a good way to know whats going on recently.

"Whats The History Of FakeBusters?"

Before FakeBusters was made, The current Owner Elara HERE was running a fake busting thread in a large and popular cult on vampirefreaks, Emo_Hair now called ProjectProdigy HERE. But soon the work got to be too much for one thread to hold, so FakeBusters was created in late November of 2007 by Nicole HERE who also owns PP, after talking with Current Owner, Elara, about how many fakes seem to be on VampireFreaks.com lately and how disgusted they both were over it. Nicole owned many cults and did not have time to run fakebusters as it was beginning to become a huge work load quickly and was either going to delete the cult or give it away, so Elara decided to take it and get rid of her thread in EH completely since she had been suspended for "spamming fakes" along with other EH members as she would post names of fakes and 20+ Emo_Hair members would spam them with fake messages. Anyways, soon after a couple of people from fakebusters [yes, there was a fakebusters before unknown to Nicole or Elara that was deleted because it was too much work] came along and helped set up the cult and freewebs a ton. Although they eventually left for reasons we aren't sure about. The cult was Elaras for about a year when due to Admins ignoring reports for a long amount of time she passed it onto Sammi-Sugar HERE for a couple week from it all, although she was still there too much. After that Elara was suspended several times for "harassing members" "spamming the admin inbox" and such things, she was also blocked from reporting fakes to the Admin profile, theres a lot of uneasiness on this subject so its best we move on. Elara gave her cult back to Sammi-Sugar as she was rather unhappy and felt she could no longer do the job an owner should do in their cult. Soon after, Sammi-Sugar was also blocked from reporting and suspended along with several other staff, again moving on. After a few months Elara really missed her cult and Sammi-Sugar was gone a lot and she was offered the cult back which she gladly accepted. FakeBusters still goes through some rough spots with ignored reports but lately, have been doing better thanks to the help of a few Admins. In July 2009, all users blocked for reporting too many fakes were unblocked again. Since then everything has been running smoothly for the most part!...Until vf started to enforce dick rules making it nearly impossible to get fakes deleted UNLESS someone signs up for and makes a salute on vf. So deceased people? people who steal salutes? people who are no longer online or have families? Fucked.

"Have Something You Think Should Be Added?"

Contact Elara in an Inbox, Please. I also hope this helped/entertained you, it took me awhile to do.


Invite Users To FakeBusters:

Want to Invite for us? Just click here to invite.

Report Fakes To Site Admins:

Want to Help Us Report Fakes? Go to this profile and send the fakes name with the real persons name and PROOF the fake is a fake. If you don't want to do this correctly or don't know how I suggest you leave the reporting to us.
If you report please leave the fakes name you reported in the report thread in the cult and say "reported" in your post somewhere. Your help is always appreciated!

Cult Gallery:

Click Here To View Signs People Made For FakeBusters!


make fakes of themselves

ashleylovesu | [proof here 1]
ScreamBreeBree | [proof here 1]
emomakachan | [proof here 1] | [proof here 2]
Madi_saywhat | [proof here 1] | [proof here 2]
urfkkingnightmare | [proof here]
cottonheadednun | [proof here]
DudeWheresMyKeys | [proof here 1] | [proof here 2]
-Pokemon_Elite- | [proof here]
PINKY-SKULL | [proof here]
AlexAwesomeness [deleted by Admin and remade] | [proof here 1] | [proof here 2]
f49907 [deleted self] xXfollowerXx
rhapsody_starlite (deleted self and remade after suspension)
Clinical_waste (made several fakes and used "friends" to do so for himself) | [proof here]


  1. Respect all members, no creating cult drama.
  2. Stereotypical bullshit will NOT be tolerated here. No name calling.
  3. Look at the commonly faked lists [cfl's] BEFORE posting a thread asking if someone is fake..most likely they are on there. Repeat offenders will be reminded of this until we get tired of repeating ourselves.
  4. No new game threads..we aren't here for games. They will just be locked and deleted anyway.
  5. Members creating fake accounts of others or themselves will be banned and reported to the Admins for such actions.
  6. No whoring yourself or cults.
  7. What is posted in FakeBusters should stay in FakeBusters. Don't go telling people they are suspected fakes it creates unecessary drama and can get you and others reported/suspended outside of the cult. We don't harass suspected fakes, a topic on them is simply an unsure member asking for advice, let's not make huge drama out of that, okay? I don't care the status of the suspected person either, as we are well aware top rated, premiums and some of the oldest members of this site have turned out to be fakes before.
  8. We handle ONLY VF fakes. Making a thread asking if someone not on VF is a fake or asking someone with an account there to report it for you is allowed, but DO NOT EXPECT it to be deleted.
  9. Do not steal any of our info, please ask the cult OWNER if you want to use some or credit VF FakeBusters. We WILL pursue information/graphic theft from our group until you remove it.

    Please Also Note;

  10. We do not claim that EVERYONE in our cult is real, we do try our best to make it so. Keep in mind there are a few other 'fake busting' cults, don't just immediately associate that it is us if you have a problem, and certainly don't throw a hissy fit, it will get you nowhere real quick.
  11. If you have a fake placing our banner on their page and claiming they are in our cult and are real, contact us or simply look in their cults, if they're not in FakeBusters, obviously they are lying.
  12. Don't throw the cults name around to back up your shit when you get in trouble. We are not one individual we are many people who have different opinons and will not be punished with having our cult pissed on because of you. Remember, what you do outside of FakeBusters is on your OWN time.
  13. We are not an activity based cult, you don't have to post everyday. We just ask that you stay active when possible.
  14. I would like to mention again here that we as a cult do not support the downrating and harassment of VF members, fake or not. Individual members, even staff may like to do this, but remember what you do on your own time of your own will is on you, not FakeBusters.
    Asking suspected fakes to salute is also considered harassment, so please ask an admin to do so instead or have someone else report it to the admins.
  15. Choosing to do so is a separate choice from that of this cult, do NOT try to say we told you it was okay to do so. Choosing to do so maybe result in VF account Suspension, regardless of how obviously fake the person is or not.
  16. Doing any of the above will get you a warning.
    Warning 1: you will be inboxed by a staff member reminding you your behavior is inappropriate. If you respond to the staff member inappropriately the matter will be brought to the cult owner, who will unhappily decide what to do with said rude member.
    Warning 2: You will receive an inbox from a staff member stating you have been suspended from cult use for a day, with a reminder of the rules.
    Warning 3: You will receive an inbox from a staff member stating you have been suspended from cult use for a week, with a reminder of the rules yet again and a nice bit about this is your last chance to act properly in the cult.
    Warning 4:Break the rules a 4th time and you're out, clearly being incapable of learning anything from your past mistakes or being a reasonable person. Unnecessary drama is unwelcomed here, no matter the circumstances of your attitude.
  17. We also uphold the Rules of VampireFreaks.com, which can be found by clicking here.

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