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Welcome. This is a haven for advanced role-players set in the world created by the magnificent J.K. Rowling. However, the story here isn't the one you think you know......

During the events leading up to the Second Great Wizarding War, a small group of Voldemort's followers decided to take matters into their own hands, albeit subtly. While Voldemort focused on killing the Potter boy, four Death Eaters slowly took over the Ministry, replacing high ranking officials with their own loyal followers. The siege was nearly complete when Voldemort was defeated, and the world thought Harry the Order had won. This victory, however, was to be very short lived.

Those Death Eaters who had taken action were killed, but their plan was in place. Once things had settled, and the masses began to relax and reveal the Order members, the secret group struck. The Order was destroyed, the Minister killed and replaced by a supporter long designated to lead, and those thought defeated took absolute control. Now the British Ministry is controlled by the Death Eaters, who continue to call themselves so as a reminder to all that even in defeat, there can be victory. The Dark Lord was vanquished, but the Minister now controls the Death Eaters, and orders are passed through the Senior Undersecretary, Aleksei Vasilek, who was recruited during an attempt to breach the Statute of Secrecy in Russia.

Death Eaters control Britain, the surrounding areas, and now, Hogwarts. While they do not teach the same cruelty that The Carrows did during Severus Snape's brief run as Headmaster, there remains the option to learn to harm as well as how to heal. The lines have been blurred, and the ranks are once again looking to teach the rising generation how to rule an empire, but this time, the empire is already theirs.

Do you have what it takes to join us, or will you fall to the reigning regime?


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