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Created on: February 10, 2015
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Upon joining Espoir, you'll have immediate access to daily challenges, motivational messages, self-help threads, emergency contact numbers and a group of people that are waiting and willing to aid you in any way they can. What is it that really makes Espoir so great, though? It's the fact that we have something real, a connection with one another. Sharing parts of yourself within this cult and with our members can help you find your way through dark times, as well as keep you in high spirits instead of waiting for another axe to fall.



Respect everyone in this cult, especially the members who are in need of advice -- even if you feel as though their problem is minor. Keep in mind that everyone deals with things differently. An issue that you may be able to work through within a few days can be more difficult for another person to cope with.


Don't diagnose another member. We're not doctors nor are we mental health professionals. We're simply here to offer our advice and support.

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