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Created on: August 23, 2012

What is Edgeless?

Welcome to Edgeless, a cult about being unique and yourself. We're all grounded here. We know the truth and are most definitely not afraid to state so. We're the people who don't get butthurt easily, the people who have opinions and want to be heard, the people who are sick of getting kicked out of a cult for some drama.

At Edgless, we aren't afraid to start fights and to follow them through. ALthough, we do ask that you try and keep them to a minimum, we don't want things to get too out of hand. Just because we seem like an everything goes cult doesn't mean that we won't have rules. We do, and they will be followed.

With a friendly environment comes other things, too. We have games, discussions, polls and what have you. But we also have points, which can be pulled together to earn some cool graphics and other things.


.oo1 If you're going to start a fight, follow it through. Don't be a pussy and chicken out Just try to keep the drama to a minimum.
.oo2 ALL VF Main rules and ToS apply.
.oo4 No racism, discrimination, homophobia, or anything else offensive.
.oo5 Remain active.
.oo6 Follow all these rules.
.oo7 Three strikes and then you're out.
.oo8 Staff word is law.
.oo9 Respect. Use it.




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