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I am starting this Cult in search of D&D players. New or experienced you're all welcome here. Personally I've only been into it for a couple years now. I'm still learning as well.
You can post Memes, favorite classes and races, even 3rd party publishings! Give out tips on being a good DM/GM(Dungeon Master/Game Master), maybe even do some online playing in our Skype group. It's a good way to make new friends.
We're looking for Admins, willing learners, and dungeon masters of the game itself! So come one, come all! Be amazed and help build this cult to the top!


Anyone new to the cult must post in the Introduction Forum. Maybe give us a little bit about yourself and why you joined!
We appreciate if you stay active and try to post at least once a day. No need to be shy, we're all pretty friendly here.

This cult is going back to the time when consoles were a dream of the future. Back when tabletop gaming with dice, paper, pens, and imagination was the only way. We can all agree that console gaming is still fun, there's no denying that. But D&D has something that a console just doesn't; the ability to build your own world with your friends! So come on in and expand your world with Dungeons&DragonsEverything!

A great place to find information.
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My Introduction!  
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Greetings from DarkSun... aka Australia  
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Looking for players in Copenhagen or on Skype  
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