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A HomeStuck meets Medieval Fantasy RP. I based the basic idea off of D&D with the HomeStuck Tiers (Classes and Aspects). An idea I owe to Tumblr and "MedievalStuck" crossovers.

A Brief History of the World:

Eleven years ago there was a Great 500 year War that devastated the known world. At the end of the war a new Kingdom emerged and their military with the support of a few other countries put an end to it in one final battle, claiming land and settling it in the center of the other 12 countries, founding the Kingdom Rhyfedd, the capital where the final battle took place by the name Afflatus. None know why it started save for few historians and perhaps some of the recent leaders of the 13 separate countries.

In the recent days, Rhyfedd thrives as a trading hub for all the known world. Many travelers come and go to see historic sites of the war. Many others come to settle down for a fresh start in the relatively young country that offers religious freedom, and a plethora of opportunities to gain fame, money and power.

Common knowledge of the general public: (incomplete, will finish at a later time)

Within the known world there are 13 countries including Rhyfedd. Each of the 12 countries aside from Rhyfedd are devoted to a single god, though not all gods have a country to coincide with.

Each God manifests the powers of the world. (Aka the aspects you can choose from when making a character.) The known Gods and Goddesses are in the following document as well as the known countries and alliances from the war. ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/19YdtIIL0NGy4NIFujQsWRJHfRqgbbIdmyFDqN7J8DZk/edit?usp=sharing Note: You can make a character of any Aspect of the known Gods in the doc.)

Interracial Affairs:

Humans in general are accepted all around, due to their widespread population and influence, and their relationships with other races is dependent on the individual towns, governments, etc.

Dwarves are usually accepted by most, and are often interacted with for their talents in stone and metalworking, as well as their uncanny strength. They have a burning hatred for goblins, and orcs; oft taking extermination jobs involving them.

Elves are generally accepted, though they do not always accept others. Wood Elves are usually more accepting, but High Elves tend to avoid contact with "lesser beings" when they can. Despite this Elves of all kinds work well with others when it comes to mutual goals.

Halflings are accepted by all kinds and it is usually mutual. They are an empathetic people and tend to take pity on those with little, even when they themselves have little to offer.

Dragonkin are few and far between, and are feared, or shunned by most; because of this they have a hard time trusting other races.

Tieflings are also shunned and feared, however, those that find their respect or trust gain a powerful ally.

Fauna: Animals or humanoids that can shift between humanoid and animal form. They are generally accepted by other races, and can be any other race. Pure-blood Fauna are born in animal forms and can choose a humanoid form once they become strong enough, though doing so can damage their standing with their tribe or clan depending on circumstance.

Trolls: Chromatic Trolls (the Homestuck trolls) are also generally accepted all around, but certain places may shun them, claiming that they are related to the savage race of Solitary Trolls, even though the Chromatic Trolls shun and even outright hunt the Solitaries. Solitary trolls on the other hand are hunted by most races, especially so when they make a nuisance of themselves.

Centaurs are accepted by most travelers, though they tend to stay away from civilization, but that doesn't stop the young ones on the path to adulthood from exploring the world in which they live.

Other races such as goblins, orcs, minotaurs, ogres, kenku, sprites, pixies, etc. do exist though they rarely show themselves in civilization, and when they do it is often to start trouble, though there are the rare few who mean well.

A not so brief account of the RP's evolution:

Back in the days of Gigapause.com (a HomeStuck fandom site) I originally had only made a single Kingdom RP called The Kingdom of Rage which evolved and grew to mighty heights and was rather unseemly with 13 separate forums for me to run... A forum for each of the fandom's "Aspects" Ugh..

Then once the site was taken down, I moved the RP to Facebook with the name "KingdomStuck" a name which was a poor choice given that the fandom had already used that name for KingdomHearts crossovers... though the name was suggested many months prior to my finding said crossovers on Tumblr.

Later after the success and falling out of the KingdomStuck days I decided that a name change was in order, something that reflects it's similarities to D&D and my love for Medieval Fantasy as a genre as well as my love of HomeStuck with DungeonStuck being the first name to come to mind.

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