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Created on: February 11, 2009

Once VF's most active design cult;

4,000+ members & 510,000+ posts so far!

Providing a friendly atmosphere;

no application to join, all are welcome!

Offering unique design activities;

for beginners, masters or graphic lovers!

Profile & Cult Layouts, Icons & Banners, Edit & Blends,
Buttons & Stamps, User & Staff Titles,
PS Brushes & Patterns, Wallpapers & Watermarks

01 Introduce yourself [here] FIRST!
02 Respect ALL fellow members.
03 NO claiming false credits.
04 NO cheating for DD/in contests.
05 NO drama or spam!
06 NO trolling members/threads!
07 Try to remain active.
08 Follow VF's Terms of Service.

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Owner: Decayed
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Who Can Join: anyone can join
Who Can Post: unmoderated
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Who Can Upload Pics: All members
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