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This group is for those who are in current DD/lg relationships, or curious of the DD/lg lifestyle. All titles are welcomed here (Daddy, Mommy, little boy, little girl, puppy, kitten, non-binary, etc.) All persons with BDSM related lifestyle interests are also welcome.

18+ only allowed.


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1) You MUST follow VFs [TOS]
2) This is an 18+ cult, NO EXCEPTIONS.
3) Your first post MUST be in the introduction thread.
4) Disrespect to Staff or other members of the cult will not be tolerated.
5) If you have a problem with someone, come to the Owner, Taylor, or another member of Staff. We will gladly help any way we can.
6) Do not share people's info, discussions, opinions, etc. On VF or elsewhere. In other words, what happens on here, STAYS in here.