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Who Can View: Only Members

Welcome to DDlg!

Here at DDlg, we welcome all titles/roles and everyone 18+!
(All those who have interest in BDSM based relationships can find a home here.)

Interested in CG/l based relationships?
(DD/lg, MD/lg, DD/lb, MD/lb, etc.)
Seasoned Daddy? Avid Ageplayer? Brand new to the whole dynamic?

No matter your experience level, we've got a place for you at DDlg!
18+ only allowed.


1) We are strictly 18+. No Exceptions!
2) Be respectful to EVERY member. Kink shaming will not be tolerated.
3) Follow all VF TOS.
4) If you have an issue with somebody, let one of the staff know or take it to inboxes. This is a drama free cult.
5) Don't argue with Staff members.
6) No nudity, illegal discussions (child porn, pedophilia, etc) will be tolerated.
7) No double posting.
8) Do not share people's info, discussions, opinions, etc. On VF or elsewhere. In other words, what happens in DDlg, STAYS in DDlg.