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Family Comes At A Price

The only way out is a body bag

Dalitica City is a bustling metropolis, renowned for its expansive skyline. Its dense population boasts a vast range of cultures, and exerts influence over global commerce, finance, fashion, research, art, and more. People have flocked to this flourishing city, attracted by not only job opportunities, but the allure of the lifestyle it has to offer. However, the underworld of Dalitica has become a powerful force, with four prominent gangs making their presence known. Their increasing power led to increasing tension and strife, with outbreaks of violence becoming increasingly frequent as the gangs struggle for control over the city.

Beneath the city's bright lights and bustling life hides a dark secret. It seems these days everyone comes to Dalitica to make it big; but fame and fortune always have a price. Within the city, a secret war has begun--a war between the four most powerful gangs. Crime rates are up and the overworked police force can hardly keep up as the dangerous criminals multiply daily. Corruption runs deep within Dalitica, and looks can be very deceiving. Criminals are not always the suspicious looking kids in baggy jeans--more often than not they come as lawyers, teachers and even police officers. More often than not the harmless ones are the people you have to watch out for. In a city on the brink of being thrown into complete anarchy and chaos, can you make it out alive? Will you stand and fight loyally with your new found "family", or will you be just another blood smear on the pavement?

Dalitica has been around since March of 2010. We offer dedicated staff, friendly members, and most of all an interesting RP experience. Here in the city we offer our members a challenge to create interesting stories without things like powers and special abilities to complicate things. We issue you the challenge to rely solely on your writing skills. Dalitica is looking for bright members with a talent for writing!

We are an 18+ roleplay cult

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