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Created on: July 05, 2011

Cy·no·sure [sin-uh-shoor] noun

Strongly attracts attention by its brilliance; Serves to direct or guide.

We are a community that shares a common goal: Inspire artistic growth by providing a positive, constructive environment. We put our members first and strive to maintain a place where people of all different skill levels can come and learn from one another.

Don't fret if graphic designing isn't your forte; we have tons of interactive features and activities that are sure to make you realize why we are the biggest and consistently the most active design forum on VampireFreaks. Read our testimonials or join now to find out for yourself!




» Respect everyone equally.
» Be patient when requesting.
» Do not steal the designers' work.
» Do not spam, troll, or cause drama.
» Follow VampireFreaks' Terms of Service.
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