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Contests is a new type of contest cult! We have 3 different levels of contests based on quality of your photos{alluring, dazzling, stunning} to ensure a fair vote for everyone!
You don't want to be part of one of our levels? That's fine! We also have google contests{misc contests} for anyone who's verified to enter!
We of course also have discussions, games, polls and more, because come on, it would be boring without them, but we also aren't here to be the most active cult around, we just want our members to have fun any enjoy themselves!


»Please post in the intro thread.
» If you want to enter any type of contests, you must post in our Salutes and Levels thread.
» You can only post in your level's contests; everyone verified can enter the misc contests.
» You must follow all of Vampirefreaks' terms of service.
» You will be banned if caught cheating.


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