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Welcome to Charmed

This cult is dedicated to the 8 year running and longest running hit TV series with female leads, "Charmed". We have been established on the Vampirefreaks website since 2007. We have discussions, games, roleplay, etc. We do not seek to be the most active, but admin positions are available to help us grow. Have any questions? Inbox a staff member!

Aaeiyn [Owner]
Eebi [Co-Owner]
Naltherion [Co-Owner]
StungByFate [Designer]
XxSabbathxX [Admin]


Cult Guidelines

001. Adhere VF ToS.
002. All first posts are to be in the Introduction Thread.
003. We do not seek to be the most active nor best cult, so don't push it.
004. All opinions are to be expressed in a polite manner.
005. We run a warning system (W;1). Reach three, and you're out.
006. Follow all thread rules.
007. No double posting.
008. Points are optional.
009. Owners may alter the rules, at anytime.
010. If you have any further questions or concerns, inbox a staff member.