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About ChapelHill

New Orleans, or what it seemed to be in the past, burned down after catastrophic avalanche of magic that was performed by coven of witches. Now it has been built back up again by a businessman, who is a well known barchelor in a wheelchair and plays the role of a Major. But the center of magic has opened a portal, which he guards with the price of followers, who unknowingly have sold their souls to him for riches, fame and nothing other than purest of magic.

Now known as Chapel Hill, this city seems to lure in all kinds of people from witches to demons, looking for a safe haven to comfortably live among all the freaks. There are those, however, who wish to get hold of the portal by their own means, and the trouble to keep it to himself, the Major might show whom he really is here and there.

And as Ceallachan Clan has returned to these lands, they are here to protect the innocent and pure from all the evil, playing the role of lawmen of sorts. Becoming the threat for Major himself, they certainly have turned the game into a much more interesting one.

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