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"The human spirit remains the most powerful weapon on the planet."

There has always been the notion that we were not alone in the great vastness of space; prehistoric cave paintings dating back thousands of years depicted flying shields and humanoid like creatures, Ancient Egyptians reported fiery disks floating over the skies and the Romans documented an aerial battle above Nuremberg involving hundreds of strange objects that moved erratically overhead. With the advancement of technology witnesses were able to photograph or record similar unusual phenomenons, however, with clever trickery and the rise of photo editing software it left many questioning if such claims were genuine or simply a desperate attempt for 5 minutes of fame. Despite scepticism from a majority of the general public the brightest scientific minds continued to send signals out into space with the hope of making contact, looking for confirmation that Earth wasn’t the only planet capable of sustaining life and eager at the possibility for humans to learn from a more intelligent life-form should communication be established.

The message was received but the response was hostile.

The initial excitement when UFO's were spotted approaching Earth quickly manifested into global terror and panic, entire cities were obliterated during the invasion and the alien species that descended from their mother ships proceeded to slaughter millions of people before enslaving those that was left. The human race was suddenly thrust into a war with beings that were far more advanced in terms of intelligence and technology; survivors banded together to form pockets of resistance but not everyone was united under the same cause, even in the face of total extinction humans continued to fight amongst themselves, clinging onto their bigoted mentality when there was a common enemy that didn't discriminate on who they killed or took as prisoners. The year is 2218 and it’s been 6 months since the invasion; in a war between species where do your loyalties lie? Will you fight for humanity or betray your own kind?

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