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About Us

In New Orleans, human trafficking finds itself a home among the myths and legends of Supernatural creatures. This age-old system of selling individual as property has existed since the beginning of society and thrives even in the modern age. However, the city of New Orleans now finds its status as a haven for the Supernatural under threat. For countless years the city's Supernatural population has been held in check under the authority of The Avidita. These two individuals were the last of a dead race and all who knew of them respected their power. Together, The Avidita held the Supernatural community together in a state of carefully managed peace through power, strategy, and the art of Reputation. Many rumors existed about the power and skill of these two Masters of the Supernatural world and their existence, helping to keep even the mindless and most bloodthirsty of creatures in check. Everything was balanced, fair, and all had their slice of the pie under the guidance of The Avidita in a pact of mutual recognition, peace, and respect.

Now all of that is on the brink of collapse.

The Avidita have been murdered under unknown circumstances by a mysterious assailant and no child of their union remains to take their place. At large, this murderer has started a flood of fear and tension among the Supernatural species of New Orleans which is slowly spilling out into the human realm. Those humans who are connected to the Supernatural were once the only people who felt the ebb and flow of this shadowy world but with The Avidita no longer around to keep things in check even the mundane humans are starting to feel that something is wrong in their city. The powerful among the Supernatural are scrambling for their own agendas, some seeking to maintain the peace the ancient beings upheld while others seek chaos or power. Respect is maintained and order is preserved, but the threats presented by the natural behaviors of predators and more mindless creatures are growing with no power to hold them back. Age-old blood feuds are now being viewed as real possibilities and creatures who would never dare hunt in civilized population centers are making appearances. New Orleans is held together by a thin sheet of respect for The Avidita's memories, cooperation among the powerful, and the need to keep their existence a secret. Will you survive in peace, or carve your niche on the spoils of chaos?

We are an 18+ RP Cult


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