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[Temporary] Based off Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra, thousands of years have long past and civilization has advanced over these years. The old ages of carriages are a day of the past, harvesting crops and designing castles is now extinct. We have built structures that soar into the inner atmospheres of Earth and even auto-piloted vehicles; aerial convoys that hover in the sky and even vehicles with spherical wheels to help provide more controlling functions to land vehicles such as strafing and spinning. However spinning is considered unacceptable and against the law. Weapons have been produced, but still retain bow-arrow-like qualities. Small devices that at a push of the button, shoot open to form a metal bow. Arrows are carried in large quantities where some possess different qualities; either explosive, or some will break apart into multiple other bolts. Technology has advanced and changed, as has the Avatar. The Avatar no longer follows a justified path, the new Avatar is corrupt, and sees benders and humans as the enemies of the world. The purge of our life, would mean survival for Earth.
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September 06, 2013
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